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Cut to Leon in therapy. His bored therapist takes a call so she can stop listening to this schlub. Someone is breaking into her car, so she goes to deal with it. It was all a diversion, of course, and The Stooges arrive to retrieve Leon. Leon makes nervous banter until he is forced to pull out the big gun -- literally the one in his arm. Sam reveals his new Secret Talent, courtesy of Leon -- psychobabble! He talks Leon down from the ledge by echoing back all the same stuff Leon earlier claimed -- that Leon has worked out his issues, reformed, et cetera. Leon begrudgingly admits Sam's right and puts down the gun, then apologizes to JBL.

At the DMV, Leon, who is back in the vessel, commits to five therapy sessions per week in Hell. The Stooges arrive at the front of the line, and Gladys looks B-E-A-T. JBL appreciates a fellow burnout when he sees one and suggests they party together. She gets straight to business, and Leon is gone before Sam can ask her to take good care of him.

Sam returns to The Bench and to Andi. He gets right to the point, admitting that he made a mistake and apologizing for the millionth time. He says they have a real friendship and that one mistake shouldn't be enough to destroy it. He says he'll fight for it. Andi has softened up a bit, and acknowledges that he just took an uncharacteristic stand. She admits she was miserable fighting with him, so they plan to get a beer after work. Sam walks away and unabashedly lunges into a "Yesssss!" Andi smiles.

Outside, a much happier WiseGuy slams pumpkins with a golf club. On the other hand, there's no rest for Sam, who must start on Thanksgiving stuff for Tedager. WiseGuy gives Sam a pat on the back for being the only employee to work these last few days. He invites him out on the town in a limo, but Sam mentions his plans with Andi. The next night, asks WiseGuy? Sam has plans with JBL. Sam tells WiseGuy he's wrong about humanity and betrayal, sarcastically suggesting WiseGuy get professional help. WiseGuy counters that he invented therapy -- so the wicked could justify their actions -- but Sam shrugs it off and tells WiseGuy he's getting savvier to his lies. He leaves WiseGuy in the parking lot, smashing pumpkins.

Next week: The entire episode appears to be in Super 8, à la a pulp flick. There are fast cars, Sam makes out with a blonde chick, JBL humps a jukebox, and WG concludes, "It all comes down to endorphins and genitalia."

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