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The revised Stooges drive to Ballard. Leon tries to mediate the conflict between Sam and JBL, which only sparks Sam's frustration further. Leon directs them to a Chinese restaurant where he claims to have "people." He won't take Sam or JBL in, so as not to compromise his "street cred." An indeterminate amount of time later, Leon still hasn't returned. Sam wants to go find him, but JBL protests. Sam says he can't trust Leon, and JBL asks why not. Sam calls JBL out that he only let Leon out because he was funny, and complains that JBL never thinks things through.

They're still fighting when Leon returns with a container of Chinese take-out. He says he's got a hot tip to go to the Pleasure Pit -- a strip club, of course. At the Pit, JBL goes through a list his grievances with Sam -- everything from how Sam breathes when he sleeps to his decision to wear mandals. Leon and a stripper jump in the backseat, and Leon says there will be one more stop (not counting dropping off Cinnamon, the stripper). The final stop? A classy joint called Tickle Massage. Dark is falling. So much for the element of surprise. Leon returns to say that it's on, and they drive off.

As anyone with half a brain could have guessed, all this rigmarole has led them precisely back to where they started -- the Ballard slaughterhouse. Leon shows them a secret subterranean area. As Sam and JBL peer in, a gun cocks behind them. Leon has redeployed his gun-arm, and he's pointing it at Sam. Sam tries to bargain, but Leon will not be placated. Leon only wants Sam to step into the hole, but JBL mans up so his friend won't die alone. That idea appeals to Leon more than going back to Hell, so he agrees. He closes the top on them, smugging, "Boy, my therapist is going to be really disappointed in me." Commercials.

Armed with a flashlight, JBL and Sam navigate the underground. Then the growling starts. JBL gives Sam a terror-induced man hug, and there is ass-clutching, folks. The hellhound steps out from behind a pillar. Having lost the meat thermometer vessel, Sam desperately chucks the snow globe at the hound. It doesn't work exactly, but it does create a blast that propels him and JBL out of the hole.

Sam lands in a pile of trash, and JBL falls near the meat thermometer vessel. He tosses it over to Sam, but Sam is intercepted by the werewolf. The hellhound drags Sam by his clothes and readies to maul him imminently. But then Spike appears and distracts them all. Convenient. Sam grabs the vessel and jams it into the hound's throat. He gets sucked up real good, and the meat thermometer falls down by Sam. JBL joins him there, and they pant and talk in a decidedly post-coital manner. They finally stand up and limp off. Sam asks about Leon, and JBL says he knows exactly where to go.

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