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At the bar, JBL proposes Leon help with this reap, and pulls the snow globe out of his pocket. Leon says he knew The Butcher in Hell. Sam's dubious, but Leon psychobabbles to Sam long enough for even Ben to jump on board. Ben has decided Leon might actually be rehabilitated. He notes that even God forgives sins. Sam will not abide, and vows to get Leon back to Hell tonight. He rushes to the DMV and bangs on the door, then screams at a random cleaning lady to take the vessel. She wisely chooses to ignore the random loony behind Door #1. Leon suggests Sam take some anti-anxiety medicine.

At 667, Sam showers. He reaches for his towel but can't find it. Suddenly it's tossed at him -- by WiseGuy, natch. Sam wants WiseGuy out of there, but WiseGuy insists, "I'm like a doctor. It all looks like raw meat to me." Sam can't even formulate a response to that, so we move on. WiseGuy plays darts as Sam de-nudes. He pleads with WiseGuy to take the vessel, but WiseGuy says Sam will have to hold on to it for one more day, until Hell gets back to work. He asks what the rush is, and Sam recounts the strife he believes Leon caused. Never the sensitive one, WiseGuy then asks about Andi, a situation Sam admits is equally dismal.

WiseGuy gets a fatherly glint in his eye and says he wants to give Sam one piece of advice. "Betrayal," he says, "is the defining trait of humanity." He adds that everyone, in the end, will let Sam down. He thinks Sam is upset because he's finally recognizing this. WiseGuy ratchets it up one more notch, telling Sam, "I may be the most trustworthy person you know…and that's just sad." As they talk, the clock strikes midnight, and WiseGuy wishes Sam a happy Halloween.

The next morning, Sam is again wearing the pumpkin get-up and handing out flyers in the parking lot. Andi stomps up in some serious mini-skirt/hooker-boot action. It's not a social call, though, as she's there to deliver a message from Tedager. Sam inquires about her Halloween plans, but she insists they should talk only about work-related stuff. He protests a little but fails to change her mind.

Out of the pumpkin, Sam heads into the break room. He notices the snow globe is empty and approaches JBL in the stock room. JBL says he's sorry just as Leon pops up behind Sam and does the old "stick 'em up" routine. He's just joking, though, and tells Sam he's actually there to help.

Sam grabs Leon and drags him aside, then chastises JBL for releasing Leon. JBL insists Leon can help, and Leon tosses in some therapy jargon to prove himself. He surmises that The Butcher sleeps during the day, so they can capitalize on the element of surprise by reaping during daylight. He tags on that, if he's right, they'll "work out what [his] reward is" later. Sam's unenthusiastic, but he's also desperate enough to try. He warns Leon that he's bringing the vessel in case Leon gets out of line.

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