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The next day, Sam, in his pumpkin-torsoed finest, stands outside shouting, "Scare up some savings at The Bench." JBL says the costume confirms Leon's theory that Sam has self-esteem issues. He says Sam needs to "own the pumpkin." Sam throws it right back at him, saying, "You own the pumpkin." JBL says he would kill to wear the costume, pointing to his head and declaring, "Embarrassment doesn't compute up here." (As we have long suspected, friend.) JBL swings his apron around his neck like a cape, drops trou, and proclaims himself Underwear Man. What follows is a typically JBL-ian pep talk involving underwear-induced awkwardness with an unwitting Bench patron and the phrase "Show 'em you're the cat's nuts." On the bright side, Sam feels better. And that is why he keeps JBL around. Someone's gotta be the a-hole, right?

Now it's time to open this week's vessel. Drum roll…it's a meat thermometer. Sam says it's fitting, since the soul was called The Butcher. Sam acknowledges that WiseGuy, for a change, actually gave him a substantial dossier on the reap. They look him up, tussling with a small child along the way. Minutes later, Ben reports back to Sam and JBL. The soul's former name was Barney Kirkwood, a.k.a. The Butcher of Ballard. Beside what we already know, Ben says many suspected Kirkwood of chopping up his victims and feeding them to his dog. The Stooges decide to head to Ballard to check it out.

When they arrive in Ballard, Sam doesn't recognize anything. Soon enough, though, they notice a "Missing" poster, on which they quickly identify the assumed victim of The Butcher. Sam gets his bearings and realizes they are in the right place. The hunt is on.

Later that night, we see a full moon and hear Track #1 on the Dollar Store's Halloween Sounds CD. I hope "Monster Mash" is next! But just when I underestimate the show (or, as it were, roughly six weeks later), it's revealed that Sam and Ben are watching a cheesy horror flick, not living one -- subversive! In fact, there is no full moon tonight, and they're waiting for JBL. He is, natch, at The Bench gabbing with Leon and chowing down junk food. Andi happens upon him and rolls her eyes at his general air of jackass. After she exits, Leon regales JBL with the toilet prank they pulled on Tedager.

JBL eventually tears himself away from his new BFF to join The Stooges in creeping around the slaughterhouse. They hear growling and see the lamest red-eyed CGI hellhound ever. They run (like little girls) and slide a door closed behind them, planning to wait until the werewolf goes away. Because it's a big, strong demon, though, it rips through the door with its claws and snarls through a small, barred window in the door. Sam pulls out the vessel to stab the hellhound, but only manages to drop it and get injured. The demon dog tears through the door but is apparently scared away by Spike, who prances through the gaping hole left by Sam's quarry. JBL picks him up and gives him a big hug.

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