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Outside, Andi stocks candy. Sam tries to stir up conversation. She ignores him. He apologizes for sabotaging her and Greg, and offers to make it up to her. She says his actions made her question their friendship, and she doesn't know how to be friends with him anymore.

Sam roams The Bench and finds a snarling dog. He follows it outside, where WiseGuy leans against a wall, smoking -- it's all very noir, down to the xylophone strains in the background. WiseGuy calls the dog (Spike) down, and Sam comments on his perfect timing since the rest of the day has sucked. WiseGuy is uncharacteristically taciturn. Sam asks if he's okay, and WiseGuy says the holidays depress him. Sam's surprised that Satan himself doesn't like Halloween, but WiseGuy laments that it's devolved into a commercial event that has drained the fear out of his endeavors. Thus, he gives Hell the day off on Halloween.

He leads Sam into a spooky, turn-of-the-century slaughterhouse. He says a serial killer terrorized the neighborhood in the 1940s and brought his victims there, earning the moniker "The Butcher." Sam suspects, and WiseGuy confirms, that The Butcher is on the loose; he's already killed one person and will kill again. Back in the '40s, the police caught The Butcher but never found his victims, and there was much speculation about what he did with the bodies. WiseGuy looks toward a pile of sawdust that transforms into writhing, screaming human figures. One grabs Sam's calf. He recoils and falls into a pile of paper towels -- he's back at The Bench. Spike barks, standing atop the vessel.

Sam heads toward the break room and spots Andi chatting and laughing with another employee. Clearly she's torn up about their rift. JBL approaches and says Andi will forgive Sam eventually, but Sam knows that Andi has lost her trust in him. JBL pulls the snow globe from his apron and gives it to Sam, saying he took Leon to trivia night last night. Sam's obviously displeased because of Leon's homicidal tendencies, but Leon pipes up that he made a mistake and blames his father complex for his assassination. "See, the therapy's working wonders," says JBL. Leon offers to help Sam with his issues, such as the fact that Sam's parents sold his soul to the Devil. JBL says Leon deserves forgiveness for his mistake, much like Sam for his mistakes with Andi. Tedager interrupts, exposing some poorly manscaped chest action in a gladiator outfit, and tells Sam the pumpkin costume is in his office.

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