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We open as The Stooges creep around a tacky, sloppy apartment prominently featuring a decorative hula girl. Naturally, I assume it's JBL's, but not so, we learn. Sam's current quarry lives there. Before I can say "Fra-jeel-ay," JBL asks if he can have the hula girl, accidentally activating the hula girl and alerting the reapee -- who is in the shower -- to their presence.

The soul (Leon) calls out. When they reveal why they're there, he argues that he isn't hurting people anymore. When Sam points out a wall o' terrorism, filled with clips on the World Trade Organization and G8, Leon claims it's a "thought board," prescribed by his therapist. They tell him to come out, and a shot tears through the bathroom door. Leon (played by the endearingly rotund and seemingly innocuous Patton Oswalt) comes out of the bathroom like John Wayne, with a big ol' shotgun in place of his hand. He prepares to deep-six them, but -- in keeping with Leon's kitsch motif -- Sam tosses the vessel (a snow globe) at him. Leon is sucked inside, leaving the snow globe swirling. JBL says, "Wow, this is getting easier and easier," which leads me to believe the rest of this week's reap won't be. But first, may I just say -- action in the first five minutes? Say it ain't so!

The Stooges enter the DMV to drop off the vessel. They arrive at Gladys's window to find someone else in her place. Sam tries to suss out whether this sub is demonic but ends up just weirding the guy out. The sub calls over another, equally undemonic attendant, who volunteers to take the snow globe, but Sam says he'll come back another time.

At The Bench, Tedager is dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and, dare I say it, actually looks kind of hot -- in that dirty, three-day-old-guyliner kind of way. Andi snickers as Tedager pontificates on Halloween, and Ben points out that Halloween is still two days away. Tedager rebuts that Halloween is not a day, but a season. He adds that he has a special treat -- one lucky employee will dress up as a pumpkin. In everyone else's eyes, this costume resembles the kind worn by four-year-olds nationwide, but in Tedager's, it's an honor. As Tedager looks for volunteers, Sam tries to get Andi's attention -- forcefully enough, mind you, that he accidentally volunteers her to wear the costume. Clearly she's not interested, so he falls on the sword and offers to wear it instead.

In the break room, JBL has his own special surprise -- Leon, still stuck inside the snow globe vessel, can talk. JBL wants to put it in Tedager's private bathroom and make him think the toilet can speak. Leon is game, but Sam's not. Leon asks if he can get out for therapy that afternoon. Sam says no on the grounds that Leon assassinated a president -- William McKinley. Leon is flummoxed that Sam's holding something from 100 years ago against him. He says he hasn't hurt anyone for the whole year since he escaped from Hell. Ben points out that Leon shot at them earlier, but Leon argues it was self-defense. Sam snatches the snow globe and puts it in his locker.

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