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Hell's Mole

We join our heroes engaged in the timeless debate: Who is America 's favorite fat cat, Garfield (favored by Sock) or Heathcliff (promoted by Ben)? Sock simply cannot accept that someone might actually choose Heathcliff. Ben avers that it is simply a matter of preference. I'm simply happy to have the opportunity to share this with all of you. Sam enters the room and announces that the store has been closed for an hour and since he did all their closing work they are both buying him beer. Sock and Ben agree to table the conversation until they get drunker and I have to admit that I would like to see the drunken stupid end of this argument. Really, Ben? Heathcliff? That lasagna-hater? Anyway, in the weekly set-up, Sam goes to his locker to get his jacket and finds a blazer with a sticker that says "put me on." He follows direction and is magically transported to meet the Devil. For some reason Sam still looks surprised by this turn of events. The Devil, however, has been expecting him. He is sitting at a table in business formal Italian restaurant with a man he introduces as Mike. (How do I know it 's an Italian restaurant? The statue of Garfield eating lasagna in the background.) Sam says he's supposed to meet Andi and the guys, but the Devil tells him to sit. The Devil and Mike swap tales of dirty deeds done and Sam looks uncomfortable -- sort of like when you 're forced to go to a dinner party with your divorced Dad and his friend and they start swapping stories about their sarcastic overweight cats who hate Mondays. Awkward! The Devil convinces Mike to try his lothario 's luck on a newly engaged girl who has rushed off to the payphone to tell her mother the news that she is engaged, but still doesn 't have a cell phone. As soon as Mike has left the table the Devil gets very serious and tells Sam there is a vessel under his chair and he needs to go grab Mike. Sam is confused because he thought they were friends. Needless to say, they are not. The Devil knows Mike is slippery as a popsicle in a Cancun summer and wants to make sure there are no mistakes. Sam grabs the vessel, which looks exactly like the Polaroid camera I lost at fifth grade summer camp, and snaps a photo of Mike. I always knew cameras were soul-suckers.

On line at the DMV, Andi complains to Sam that they waited for him at the bar for two hours and that it is not fair that the Devil can snatch him whenever he wants and that they can 't do anything about it. Okay Andi, first, you waited at a bar . If you are going to get stuck somewhere, a bar filled with your best friend and a roomful of alcohol is not such a bad place to end up. Second, your boyfriend 's boss is Satan. As Sam turns in the vessel to Gladys, Andi gets the demon seal of approval when she mocks Gladys 's horns, which sort of makes me feel bad about calling her whiny. Back at the Workbench, Ben is trying to shove Sock into the freezer compartment of a stainless steel refrigerator when Sarah comes running up and demands a kiss. As Ben shoves her off his face she explains that the immigration officer is there and they need to look convincing. As Ben and Sarah engage in clumsy face-mashing, the aforementioned immigration officer turns the corner. He sets up an interview for them tomorrow at four without explaining what he's doing out of his municipal office.

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