Ashes To Ashes

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Ashes To Ashes

The Stooges hang out on the bay shore and ponder whether Cady is WiseGuy's daughter. Sam doesn't want to believe that Cady is a Devil Child, but JBL says this is likely another one of WiseGuy's tricks. Sam says he's going to call Cady. Ben asks about Andi, but Sam has learned a lesson from Mimi Cooper and decides not to wait around and miss out on life. Which would be a good idea…if he didn't suspect Cady were the spawn of Satan! They break from the sentimentality to spray the ashes into the bay.

Next week: Sam sparks a romance with Cady, though questions of her lineage still remain…and though she says freaky crap like "I like to bite the heads off of live chickens." JBL dubs her "Beelzebabe," and I'm going to use that.

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