Ashes To Ashes

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Ashes To Ashes

As they run (like little girls) to the car, Sam wonders how they didn't know Mimi Cooper was involved. They huck the vacuum into the trunk with the other ashes -- great idea! -- and speed off. On the way to the community center, Sam calls Ben and tells him to get the keys and meet them there. The trunk of the car starts to jump as the soul tries to escape, and Sam realizes that the ashes in the trunk are allowing Grayson to form a super-clump of spiritual vengeance. As Grayson's spirit struggles in the trunk, the car swerves wildly.

Ben and Grandma have arrived at the community center. She is characteristically silent. Ben gets out and sees JBL's car screeching up. They scram into the community center, grab the vessel, and put on bandit-style face coverings. At the same time, the ashes break free from the trunk and swirl toward them as Grandma looks on with her eye.

The soul enters the front door and takes super-sized ash monster form. They crank up the blow dryer and battle with the ash-demon for a while until the dryer sucks in the soul and spits out the ashes on them at the other end. Reap completed, The Stooges are left coughing up human remains. Grandma comes up and makes crosses in the ashes on The Stooges' foreheads. She whispers into Ben's ear that he is doing God's work and has her blessing. Oh, and by the way, says Ben, she's worth millions.

The next day at The Bench, WiseGuy golf-claps Sam's job well done. His sarcasm bleeds through, though, because he's irked that Mimi Cooper is leaving him to move to New Mexico. Sam feigns sympathy, but WiseGuy knows he was the instigator. Sam notes that WiseGuy is actually upset, but WiseGuy says his emotion is borne out of practicality -- he invested a lot of time corrupting and breaking her down. Sam says he's lying, and that WiseGuy sent Sam to Mimi Cooper's house to protect her from the soul because he actually cares. WiseGuy says he'll show Sam how much he cares. He snaps his fingers and says that she's dead. Sam gets up in arms about it, but WiseGuy cracks a smile and says he's just screwing with Sam. Mimi Cooper's fine.

Sam heads over to Mimi Cooper's house. She's having a going-away yard sale. He grabs a video, and a young coquette walks up to him and strikes up a conversation. She eventually moseys off, and Mimi Cooper walks up. She asks if "Jerry" is upset that she's leaving, but says she's never been more sure of anything, and thanks Sam for pushing her to realize what she was missing. She calls over her daughter Cady, and it's the same girl Sam was just flirting with. She says Sam should keep an eye on Cady (wink, wink) since she won't be moving to New Mexico with Mimi Cooper. Cady says she'll see Sam around. Sam turns back to Mimi Cooper and asks how long she knew "Jerry." She says on and off for 20 years. He looks over at Cady, who appears to be…oh, let's say 19 or so.

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