Ashes To Ashes

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Ashes To Ashes

A little later over at Mimi Cooper's, Sam grumbles about the reap while JBL twirls Mimi Cooper's underthings around his finger and harrumphs that they should be at Ben's party. Sam realizes that they should be at the party because they can use Ben's grandma's prophetic powers. Heading out, they find Mimi Cooper crying and drinking scotch. "Jerry" has stood her up, as usual. JBL gives her a pep talk in which he calls her a "big plate of 'Yes!'" and invites her for some beer bong action.

Two Stooges and Mimi Cooper show up at the community center for Ben's party. Natch, Ben is less than pleased. Ben reminds JBL and Sam that he could be living in The Bench if they step out of line, but Sam is focused on using Grandma's eye to crack the case. Ben says he doesn't even know if she can help, but Sam says it's his only shot. Ben reluctantly submits.

JBL and Mimi Cooper dance at the party. She says "Jerry" never takes her dancing, to which JBL suggests he might be into dudes. She laughs it off, then mentions that "Jerry" has a horrible temper and would go crazy if he saw them. JBL slips away as she spins around to the sounds of generic Latin music.

Ben takes Sam over to see Grandma. Sam says he needs her help. Grandma says she needs more information and wants to look at Sam's palm. She engages her death stare as she probes him. Then, out of nowhere, she stabs his palm with a fork. JBL hops into action, full-on tackling her while Sam yanks the fork out of his hand. Ben looks on in horror.

Sam escorts Mimi Cooper back to her house. She invites him inside to put iodine on his hand. He tries to leave, but she ropes him in to ask if she should break up with "Jerry." Sam sputters out an eventual yes, then grabs his mouth to see if the stitches have reappeared. They have not, but the earthquake begins again. JBL runs toward the house, and Mimi Cooper reveals that her mother was cremated a few years ago. JBL and Sam run to fetch the ashes.

As Sam and JBL frantically search the house, suddenly all the doors slam shut. Sam remembers leaving the vessel at the party. He finally spots the urn as it falls and dives to catch it, but the house's shaking knocks it from his hands. The ashes rise up in front of JBL, and Sam gets the idea to douse them in water. They fall down, and JBL sucks them up with a power vacuum. Scariness dispensed and only easily misconstrued weirdness remaining, the doors open, and Mimi Cooper walks in. The Stooges concoct an excuse and head out.

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