Ashes To Ashes

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Ashes To Ashes

At Mimi Cooper's, Sam asks how she met "Jerry." She swoons over his "Old World charm," then perks up when the phone rings because it might be him. It isn't, and Sam accidentally lets it slip that he knows "Jerry." She starts digging for information, promising she won't tell "Jerry" because "he would kill us." Sam squirms.

Back at The Bench, Sam plops down the vessel box and rues the fact that he just spent hours praising "Jerry." He says he felt sorry for Mimi Cooper and couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth. He opens up the box, and…it's a blow dryer. They head out to find Sarah Negly. On the way, Ben suggests they take the back exit because Tedager might see them. Sam says Tedager's at a linoleum conference, but he's interrupted when a Latina woman screams out to Ben. It's Ben's grandma. JBL and Sam introduce themselves; she responds with the coldest stare ever known to man. Ben shuffles The Stooges off as she continues with her death stare.

On the way out, The Stooges ask why Grandma has no idea who they are, and why they weren't invited to his family party. Ben explains that Grandma has "the eye" -- she can predict the future and see evil spirits. Not so good for Sam. They reach the Negly residence, and JBL is still talking about "the eye" while Sam is still miffed that Ben is hiding them from his family. After some prodding, Ben reveals that he's embarrassed by Sam and JBL.

Sam rings the doorbell, and a man opens up. Sam asks for Sarah Negly, who, it turns out, was the man's mother. Also, she died years ago. Sam asks if she was cremated, and is shown her urn. Sam asks if Negly knew Grayson, and Negly gets huffy. Suddenly, the ground quakes, and Sarah Negly's urn flies off the mantle, shattering. The ashes inside swirl up into a ghostly shape, and all the house's windows and doors slam shut, locking The Stooges out. They peek in and see Negly getting strangled by the specter. They run in once the door opens, but Negly's a goner.

Back in The Bench break room, Sam reckons the soul uses the ashes to exact his revenge on his victims' families. His complaints about the reap spur JBL to advise Sam to channel his negativity into "positive-ity." He non-sequiturs that Sam should ask Andi out again…and again…and again…until she relents. He gives Sam a shoulder massage and sends Sam on his mission with a ceremonious slap on the ass.

Sam approaches Andi, who's stocking shelves with Ben. We must all behold the awkwardness as Sam asks Andi out, she says no, he asks about the next weekend, she says no, and he strides off, trying to look confident but actually grimacing. You know the drill. Ben suggests Andi figure out what she wants and make a move one way or another. She admits she's frustrated and confused. Ben asks if Sam still has a chance, and she says maybe. Ben concedes that that's better than no.

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