Ashes To Ashes

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Ashes To Ashes

As Sam ends his shift at The Bench, WiseGuy shows up to purchase a toolbox. Sam suspects it's the vessel, but WiseGuy duhs that it's just a toolbox. He has a plumbing project for Sam. Sam gripes that being the Devil's handyman wasn't part of the deal. WiseGuy assures him that this -- and anything he deems necessary -- is, in fact, part of the deal. Cheer up, Sam, it's just for the rest of eternity!

Sam arrives to plumb, and who opens the door but Julie Cooper? In a pink satin teddy, no less. Her name is Mimi. She explains that she tried to use the dishwasher to wash her clothes since her washing machine was broken. Now Sam has to extricate her unmentionables from the dishwasher's motor. As he works, Sam asks her how she was referred to the Work Bench. She says her boyfriend, "Jerry," referred her. She shows Sam a picture of their trip to Cabo. To Sam's surprise, "Jerry" is, in fact, WiseGuy -- in a tropical shirt…holding a girly cocktail…with a pineapple garnish.

Back at The Bench, The Stooges clean up the food court and discuss Mimi Cooper. JBL totally gets it; he thinks WiseGuy, né "Jerry," is living the dream, and aspires to be a Duke of Darkness with a mistress on every continent some day. He asks Sam to set up an internship. Ben shifts the conversation to Andi. Sam hasn't talked to her since the affair of the boyfriend necklace. Ben asks if Sam knows what his status is, and Sam says he doesn't have a clue. Despite all the clues Andi has dropped, such as flat-out telling him she doesn't want to be his girlfriend. Just sayin'.

Andi walks up and says The Stooges must have really effed up if they're cleaning the food court. It comes out (wait for it…) that they put Tedager's picture on a bi-curious website. Andi asks Sam to cover her shift tomorrow, and he agrees. She leaves, and The Stooges go back and forth over whether their last encounter was such a big deal after all. JBL comments that she's acting like a dude and Sam's acting like a chick. The guys walk off, leaving Sam to clean up.

Sam squeezes under a counter, then is suddenly transported to what we discover is a coffin. He screams out that knows it's WiseGuy and he's tired of these shenanigans. He turns, sees a corpse, and shrieks in terror. WiseGuy lets Sam out. Sam tells a smug WiseGuy that that was an a-hole thing to do. Then he moves on to Mimi Cooper. WiseGuy shrugs it off and tells Sam not to mention it again. He brings out a paper and shows Sam the latest reap -- former funeral director Dennis Grayson. Grayson used to sell corpse's body parts before cremating them. Now he's back, but he, too, was cremated, so Sam won't be able to see him. They walk into a visitation, and WiseGuy shows seemingly atypical generosity by handing Sam a list of people the soul is after. He suggests Sam prioritize a woman named Sarah Negly. But first, Sam must return to Mimi Cooper's and repair her washing machine.

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