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Crooked Dicks and Clean Hearts

Meanwhile, the Wakiles and Rosie are taking a walk, and Rosie says she's all fucked up today from the horse therapy. It started her thinking, which Kathy notes is not necessarily a bad thing, considering how Rosie usually foregoes thinking and heads straight to rage and table-pounding. Kathy brings up how Rosie addressed the others at the Native American drumming session to complain that, much like her eyeball twin Rodney Dangerfield, Kathy gets no respect. Kathy tells us that because Rosie always sticks up for her, people think that she can't take care of herself, and if something were bothering her she would have said so. She knows it's out of love, though. When Rich gives Kathy a peck before running off to the pool, Rosie starts freaking out again about how she's alone. All she wants is love! And that's why she gets angry when people pass over Kathy, because she can relate. In her momentary rage, Rosie throws her water bottle. Kathy picks it up because she hates littering, and then both women go off to do a shot of tequila.

Caroline and Al then go off to get a massage. Caroline talks about how the time with Wyatt was the best yet, and we're reminded that he and Al had a real connection, which is rare for Al. Al says that if there hadn't been a crowd there, he would have clarified the abuse issue a bit more. His father disciplined him severely, but Al says that he doesn't look back on it with anger since it worked. He adds that in raising the younger Manzos, he took the best of how he was raised and used it as best he could. He doesn't feel like his job is done, especially given all of their kids' wack business ventures. But Caroline likes that their kids have balls, and says that Al will kill himself worrying about them. Al often says that he can't retire until his children are stable financially, but Caroline is okay with seeing them struggle if it means that Al can enjoy himself a little. I think maybe he's forgotten how, though?

While the rest of the Jersey men terrorize other Miraval guests at the pool, the ladies go for a "Zennis Tennis" lesson. The first thing their instructor Leigh Weinraub tells them is, "Fuck shame." Teresa looks VERY confused. Leigh adds to check your ego at the gate, both in tennis and in life. In turn, Teresa does some push-ups on court. Kathy and Rosie are very glad that they did shots before coming to this, I bet. Back at the pool, Joe Gorga tells Juicy that he loves him, even though at one time he really hated him a lot. But now, he says, everybody can see that Juicy is a good guy. Juicy replies, "That was nice, Joe." It was, actually. Joe explains to us that Juicy dropped his arrogance, and even got sentimental with the horse. And then Joe says that from now on he'll be the horse. I…don’t really know what that means. I'm sure it has some inappropriate underlying sexual insinuation, though.

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