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You know who's not so excited about the Napa trip? Jacqueline. She plans to keep to herself for the most part. Caroline too would like to uninvite the Giudices, but seems to think it's too late for that. Plus, I'm sure there are some contractual obligations around this whole situation. Chris says that he's planning on having Rich, Joe and Juicy over to talk about the trip. He's hoping that if all the guys are on the same page, they'll keep all the women in check. A great plan, especially given how well those other three guys get along. Albert says that he's not going. His very solid reasoning is that no good is going to come from engaging Joe Giudice in a conversation about any topic. He is the smartest person there. Albert Manzo's got sauce, y'all.

Next week: Prelude to a shitstorm.

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