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Previously: Teresa sat down with her brother Joe, and nothing was resolved. (Not even a table was flipped!) Then she sat down with her sister-in-law Melissa, which is where we left off...

We rejoin the sit-down as Melissa insists that family is not most important to Teresa. As Jacqueline sits in the other room, talk returns to the throwdown... ummm... I mean christening. Melissa claims Teresa knows exactly why Joe told her to walk away, but Teresa plays dumb. Melissa tells Teresa she's fake, especially when the cameras are around. More to the point, Juicy Joe didn't show up to the hospital after Melissa gave birth to Joey. Talk turns to money, and Melissa's all, "Guidettes in glass houses..." Teresa tries to put an end to the blame game by saying everyone has a part in the current conflict. Melissa insists she's never done anything wrong or hurtful. She asks what she's done, but Teresa refuses to bring up the past -- or she just can't think of anything.

Teresa says they should just move forward, if only for her parents. She suggests they meet halfway, then starts up with the finger pointing again. She thinks Melissa pushed her away when she got married to Joe and never really treated her like a sister. Melissa argues that Teresa pushed her to that point by treating her poorly in the first place. Teresa again claims it was both of them. In an interview, Melissa recalls an incident where Teresa became territorial when Melissa arranged a photo shoot with the same photographer who had taken pictures of Gia. Lord, this stuff is stupid. The women insist they're on the same page -- that they want their kids to be able to grow up together -- but the atmosphere remains contentious.

Then Melissa brings up Kathy and fuhgeddaboudit. Teresa says they're there to talk about them and forces Melissa to hug it out. Melissa claims she's going to forget everything that's happened, then in an interview says she still doubts Teresa. Talk goes back to Teresa's parents, whom she thinks are perfect. Melissa says it's not easy to walk in as an in-law. In her interview, Teresa rehashes the story of a former Christmas when an ex-girlfriend called Joe, and Melissa stormed out of the house. She says her mother started off on the wrong foot with Melissa because of that incident. She tells Melissa to show her mother-in-law love. Melissa insists she does.

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