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Meanwhile, Caroline is disgusted, but really that's just her perennial state of being. Oh, and then fucking Kim D. comes out to ask what's going on. No one is in the mood for her bullshit, least of all Joe Gorga who is now clear that she had something to do with all the drama. He tells Kim D. to get out of his face, and then calls her the scum of the earth. I feel like that's actually being rather complimentary when it comes to Kim D. She in turn tells him that he's nothing, and shouldn't fuck with her because she plays with the big boys. I think this is specifically who she means. There are a lot of words back and forth, and Joe basically calls Kim D. a disgusting coke whore. I think we can all co-sign on that one. If Joe weren't so committed to chivalry, the two might have come to blows, which would have been thrilling and disturbing in equal amounts.

After a break, Kathy wonders how deeply Teresa is involved and why. Whatever the case, she knows that she did nothing to stop the shit-fuck-fest from happening, and adds that when you associate with scum, you become scum. Meanwhile, it seems like Joe is going to leave, until Melissa catches up with him to whisper that Teresa was involved too. Now Joe wants to tell off Teresa, which in turn makes Melissa pretend that she doesn't want him to get involved. Jesus Christ, people, WE CAN HEAR YOU. Oh, and then Caroline starts getting revved up too. As Jacqueline tells us that her source said that Teresa knew about this set up at least two weeks in advance, Joe Gorga decrees that no one shall ever go to a Posche fashion show again! But then how would we ever have season finales?

As there's more of the same, Lauren Manzo tells Caroline only that Teresa has in the past told her that Melissa was a stripper, so she knows that the setup did indeed come from Teresa. And I mean, it was executed so idiotically, how could she not be involved? Joe Gorga has a little tête-à-tête with Jacqueline, and learns exactly what she heard from her friend, which heavily implicates Teresa as the mastermind behind this devious plot. Melissa says that she gives up, and Joe tells us that he's through. A person that can try to hurt you so bad, he says, doesn't love you. He's ready to move on with his Teresa-free life. I mean, good for them for getting along for all of, like, six days, though. That therapist should be really proud of his work.

After Joe and Melissa leave, Teresa approaches Jacqueline to ask if she told Melissa that Teresa sold her out. Jacqueline explains about the texts, and Teresa says that she never met Bald Guy prior to the day in the salon. Oh God, and then Teresa and Jacqueline start going at it. Caroline stands on the sidelines just shaking her head. And then Teresa says that perhaps someone is trying to set HER up, and perhaps Jacqueline is involved. Caroline tells us that Jacqueline is now having her "a ha" moment, which revolves around the fact that Teresa is a monster. That is such a waste of an "a ha" moment. Jacqueline wonders in an interview why she would ever set up Melissa, since she actually likes Melissa. She thinks that Teresa is disgusting and -- word of the day! -- scum for even suggesting it.

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