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Melissa gets Joe on the phone and explains the situation, and Joe's first reaction is to say that Melissa was never a dancer. His second reaction is to question what Teresa's involvement is. Melissa says that she doesn't want to go and confront this dude without her husband by her side, but when Joe says he'll come immediately she tells him that she doesn't want him to get involved. Well, which is it?

Meanwhile, Kathy, Caroline, Lauren and Jacqueline eat some chicken. Jacqueline continues to get tantalizing texts, which she apparently shares with everyone but Kathy. Kathy is cool with that. Meanwhile, Teresa asks Kim D. where Bald Guy is, and it turns out that he left. Well, now Teresa and Melissa have only one another to confront! I'm sure that did not work out according to plan at all!

Teresa returns to her table with the other housewives, and Kathy asks what happened to Melissa. Teresa explains that she is still in the bathroom, and then tells Kathy about Bald Guy and his accusations, though she doesn't specify what they were. Caroline gets a knowing look, while Kathy simply says that the dude looked shady and people talk a lot of crap. Meanwhile, all the Manzo women are texting each other about the fact that something is obviously up. Caroline says that Teresa loves to strike in front of an audience, and Lauren notes to the other women that she's getting a bad feeling. Melissa returns, and Teresa tells her that Bald Guy left. Melissa thinks that's a good thing, since Joe might have killed him. I thought Joe wasn't coming? Oh, who knows or cares at this point. Caroline notes that this whole thing is the work of a bunch of clowns. If there was ever a, "Don't bother... they're here" moment, this is certainly it.

Just as things seem to be simmering down at the housewives table, freaking Kim D. comes over to apologize on behalf of what Bald Guy said, in what is obviously an attempt to try to get someone to say yet again that Melissa was a stripper. She is her usual grotesque self, and mentions the fact that Bald Guy works at the salon, which piques Melissa's interest. She tells Kim D. to shut up and take a walk, which gets Caroline's attention. Kim D. smirks in response, and Melissa is certain that she had a huge role in setting her up. She of course wonders if Teresa was also involved.

As Teresa is pulled off to have a shot with Kim D. and Juicy's brother Pete, Caroline asks Jacqueline if she can see the incriminating text again. Lauren tries to stop her, but Caroline shows it to Melissa anyway. Jacqueline is very suspicious about a lot of things, including the fact that Teresa went to a salon that she never goes to, and that her brother in law just happened to show up at a ladies' fashion show. She obviously thinks that Teresa is involved, or else it is quite an unbelievable quinka dinket. Melissa reads the text, says, "un-fucking-believable," and we head to commercials.

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