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Previously: The Manzo boys moved out on their own, while Bratshley readjusted her sights and decided she could live with a commute to the city if she got a car. Family strife weighed heavily on the Giudice-Gorga clan, and Teresa reached out to her brother in a handwritten letter. Because that's way more melodramatic than a text fight. Take that, Staub!

Melissa and Joe are playing with the kids when she "spontaneously" breaks into song. That old standby, "Amazing grace... that saved a wench like me." Joe tells her she sounds like she's coming out of a radio, and Melissa admits she's dreamt of being a professional singer since she was four years old. The dream is a bittersweet one for her, though, because her deceased father was her biggest fan. Joe tells her not to waste her talent by singing in the shower and urges her to take it up part-time for now.

Elsewhere, Caroline moans about the cold weather as Albert plays golf. Sick of her grousing, he tells her, "We better have grandchildren quick because this is not going to work." Caroline admits she's suffering empty nest syndrome. Albert also suggests Caroline could get in the business of offering parenting advice. Because it worked so well for the McCord-Van Kempens. Not a mockery at all!

That night at the Laurita homestead, Chris and Bratshley come into the kitchen with conspiratorial looks on their faces. Chris tells Jacqueline he went to look at cars with Bratshley that afternoon. Jacqueline can't help bringing up Bratshley's failure to embrace responsibility last time they gave her a car, but Chris has already worked out a deal with his stepdaughter: He'll make the first couple of payments, Jacqueline will co-sign for the car, and it'll go back to the dealer if Bratshley doesn't live up to her end of the deal. Jacqueline's all, "What in the co-signing what?" She doesn't think Bratshley's up to the challenge, but Bratshley insists that she can not only maintain her internship (the one she hasn't been showing up for) but also take on a part-time job to keep up with the car payments. Her entire argument for why she deserves a car is basically pinned on the fact that she's "a good kid," who's not in and out of rehab. Nope, just civil court. Jacqueline asks if she can think about it, but Chris tells her it's too late.

The next day, Teresa gets a voicemail from her brother Joe that he would like to attend Gia's gymnastics meet that weekend. Just the mention of it reduces Gia to tears. They try to call Joe to welcome him to the event, but they get voicemail, and his mailbox is full. Not a good omen.

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