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Reunited and It Feels So Bad

Oh, dread, and then it's time to drag Kim D. out of her crypt to shine a light on what happened on that fateful night of the Posche fashion show. Absolutely no one is in the mood for Kim D. right now, myself included. Andy asks for her input about Teresa's involvement, and Kim D. says that this is a tough question to answer. She says that Teresa did not know that the creepy bald guy was going to mention anything about Melissa's past. Jacqueline asks if Teresa knew that something was going down against Melissa and did nothing to stop it, but before she can answer Joe Gorga apologizes for calling Kim D. a coke whore. I mean, I don't think there's any reason to apologize for truth-telling. He adds that Kim D. is doing someone else's dirty work, and doesn't understand what she has against them. It turns out that Melissa promoted another store or club called Posche, which annoyed Kim D. Of course one "Posche" isn't enough for New Jersey! I must mention that while all this is happening Teresa is sitting on the couch looking VERY uncomfortable.

So, being a bit "revengeful" in nature, when Kim D. found out from a friend that Melissa used to work at his club, she called Teresa and asked her to go to the salon with her. Teresa, who can be surprisingly compliant in the right circumstances, did so. Melissa, who is delighted to have all the attention on her again, says that they can all now agree that there was a set up. Kim D. says that she wouldn't call it a set-up -- she'd say it was convenient. This cracks everyone up. Caroline then brings up a conversation that she had with Kim D. after the fashion show, in which Kim told them that Teresa knew about the set-up. Kim acknowledges that Teresa knew that something was going to go down, but didn't know exactly what. She did, however, know who the target was, since she knew that Kim was angry with Melissa.

Of course the majority of the women see this as evidence of Teresa's guilt, but Teresa argues that Jacqueline and Caroline both knew that something was going to go down. Andy asks who was texting Jacqueline during the show, and she refuses to say since it's a very good friend of Teresa's.

And then Caroline starts in about how she and Jacqueline didn't REALLY know, and Kim D. says that she talks to Jacqueline for 90 minutes every day. She DOES? What fresh hell is this? Teresa sees this as evidence that Jacqueline had extended involvement, and eventually Juicy has to give Teresa a kiss on the lips and tell her to calm down because he wants to get out of there and go have dinner. Even Kim D. is like, "Why is everybody yelling?" which is how you know things are bad. So, Andy recaps: Kim D. knew what was going to go down, and Teresa knew that something was going down involving Melissa. And then we get to the point where Teresa is screaming that she never said Melissa was a stripper. What she apparently has said is that there were RUMORS that Melissa was a stripper. Oh, the mind of Teresa. I imagine it's just very sticky in there. Melissa says that she'll never look at Teresa again -- she and her children are both done with her. Teresa calls Melissa contrived and calculating, and says that she must have learned a lot in the strip club. Aaaaaaand, bingo. She adds a belated, " a bartender." Amazing, really.

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