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Reunion Part 3

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Reunited and It Feels So Bad

A viewer asks Chris what he thinks about the feud between Dina and Caroline. He doesn't care for it, but also doesn't have a relationship with Dina right now. He assumes that Teresa played a role in the Dina versus everyone feud, but says that he's not there to talk about Teresa. Except when he does. Like right now. Chris was disappointed to see Dina at the Fabellini party talking smack about Caroline. And then somehow we get back to Strippergate 2012, and Joe yelling that Teresa should own what she did, which, he alleges, is calling Melissa a stripper. Her own father -- who is also his father -- told him that Teresa did in fact say this. Joe thinks that Teresa could have nipped Strippergate in the pole instead of going into the bathroom and talking about her heart beating 500 and the rest of it. Teresa is gobsmacked that Joe thinks she should have left the party (which is not at all what he said), and Melissa says that Teresa couldn't leave the party because she was in on it, and that in turn elicits a, "Prove it, bitch!" from Teresa. Oy.

This of course proves to be an excellent segue to the Posche fashion show montage and the creepy bald guy and even creepier Kim D. and her rat face. Post-montage, Teresa emphatically claims once again that she had nothing to do with it, and Melissa once again does not believe it. Joe says that who cares if Melissa was a stripper, and also she wasn't a stripper. She was a bartender, and he knows because he was there. Melissa was a school teacher putting herself through college when he met her. How was she teaching school if she hadn't graduated from college yet? I guess it is part of the special amazing grace that saved a wench like her. Joe Gorga talks about how perfect Melissa is for a while before telling Teresa to drop it, and maybe they can be a family again. Teresa then says that Joe is breaking their mother and father's heart, and then Joe gets REALLY mad and says that Teresa is taking his parents away from him. Oh my God, can they all just fall into a fiery pit? It's best for the whole country, really.

So, Joe really starts freaking out about how his kids don't even have grandparents because of Teresa, and she starts shrieking at Juicy to give Joe what for, and then those two go at it for an extended period. Teresa calms down long enough to start to tell Andy that she never talks about Joe with her parents, and Xanax Jacqueline has to get all clucking-chicken in the joint and yell, "Yes you do!" Teresa then gets that scary black look in her eyes and stands up, and Andy has to kind of push her back while also telling Jacqueline to stay out of it. I feel like he has probably started working out a lot more since these Jersey reunions began. Teresa and Jacqueline go back and forth for a while, and end up trading plastic surgery barbs. The pot and kettle just clang and clang on that one.

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