Real Housewives of New Jersey
Reunion: Part 1

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Rosie says that Caroline is trying to make a point, and Teresa is not listening whatsoever. Dr. V. then interjects to ask if she can help Teresa because, "It's hard for you…the words." She is not kidding on that one. Dr. V. wants Teresa to look at Caroline and say that it was shitty of her to do that. And that's all Caroline wants to hear. Melissa notes again how upset she is that Caroline says that she and Teresa are the same person, and Caroline does acknowledge that Melissa would never lie in a blog just for the heck of it. Kathy suggests that Teresa try worrying about how other people are feeling for a change, because that's what families do. Dr. V. tells Teresa not to lash out, and wants her to promise the group to do better. Everyone is so sick of Dr. V. right now, including me.

Next week: our months-long nightmare will be over as this shit finally ends! Halleloo!

Potes can't believe she spent her birthday with these clowns. Tweet @traciepotes or email with empathy.

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