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We then get a montage of people trying to convince Teresa to be honest about any of her involvement in the Penny/Kim D./rumors situation and her vaguely admitting that she "made mistakes." Joe seemed moved at the time, and they hugged. And then leggy blonde miracle and relationship expert Dr. V. joins the panel. She was happy to see Teresa apologize and learn that she is not her mistakes. Teresa says that she learned from Dr. V. that it's good to take responsibility and say you're sorry. Dr. V. gives Jacqueline kudos for helping Teresa work through how to talk to Joe. Andy asks Melissa and Joe what they thought Teresa was apologizing for. Joe thinks she was apologizing for the whole thing, but Teresa was really apologizing for listening to rumors when she shouldn't have. Dr. V. gave these guys very specific advice to stay off of Twitter (which they did not heed), and form a united front. Dr. V. was impressed at how they confronted Penny together, and says that there were no more victims and villains -- there were just humans. Early humans, but humans nonetheless.

Andy notes that there are still a lot of issues in play, which, obviously. Dr. V's concern for Joe going forward has to do with his emotional outbursts. She asks the family if they think Joe needs anger management. Teresa is all for it, but Joe says he's got no anger anymore. Dr. V. notes that Joe looks angry right now, and he says that's just how he talks. As Andy wonders if Joe has a pattern of behavior -- seen at the Christening, Lake George, and elsewhere -- Joe turns to Rosie and notes that "these people" think he's a freaking maniac. He seems to find this funny, though Melissa looks quite serious. When Dr. V. points out that Melissa called Joe an idiot when he got ragey in Arizona, she says that that's how they do it in their marriage and basically implies that Dr. V. should buzz off. Meanwhile, why is Dr. V. dressed like a Robert Palmer video girl?

Dr. V. wonders what the group needs from each other to move forward, and asks Caroline to respond first. Caroline would like to see truth, adding that they haven't gotten it yet. When Andy asks who specifically has not been truthful, she names Melissa and Teresa. Caroline will not be happy until they have a hair-pulling pudding wrestling match. The most truthful moments were the ones when they were caught off guard, and Dr. V. equates truth with vulnerability. When people are vulnerable -- like the Joes, Rosie, Kathy, and Jacqueline -- Caroline respects them more. She brings up the equine therapy, where Melissa said she was feeling…tendons. Teresa and Melissa were superficial about the exercise and didn't respect it, says Caroline, which makes Teresa mad. Apparently, Teresa wrote in a blog that Caroline was miserable in Arizona and she and Al fought the whole time. Caroline says this is a blatant lie, and Teresa says she "heard" that. Also, she was hurt by something Caroline said about her, and so just wrote something nasty. Dr. V. pipes in to confirm that that is indeed a shitty thing to do.

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