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Reunion: Part 1

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Oh great, and then after a break Juicy and Joe Gorga join the ladies. We get to revisit the Giudice/Gorga family feud through a montage, and when it's over Melissa wonders why Teresa wasn't flipping tables when others spread dirty rumors about her. She acknowledges that it's not Teresa's fault that Jan was a jerk-off on national TV, but Teresa had to have had some knowledge that it was going to happen since she's beefusses with Kim D. Teresa is incensed at the accusation that Kim D. is her beefusses. And then there is some argument about whether Melissa's sisters trash Teresa on Twitter, and the best part of it all is how over it Juicy is. This is a man who doesn't want to waste the final precious minutes of his freedom in listening to this bullshit. In a blog, Teresa once wrote that she loves Melissa but may not ever like her. She claims that that was a long time ago and that she likes Melissa now, which we all know is untrue. We then learn that the families have not gotten together all summer, which is completely unsurprising.

Oh God and then Joe Gorga starts talking, but we are quickly rescued by Rosie. She's wearing pearls and looks super cute. A fan asks Kathy if she's concerned about Rosie's mental health, given her rage issues. Rosie says that it's not rage -- she's just passionate about things she believes in. Teresa says that she and Rosie are very alike in that they get fiery but don't hold grudges. Andy calls bullshit on the no grudges piece, because even he is over this shit too. And ha! Then we get a montage of the Rosie/Juicy friendship, which is by far the best part of this episode. The Juicy/Rosie montage gets an A+ in a D episode, thus raising the overall grade substantially. There's a moment when Gia tells both Rosie and Juicy (who thinks that the moon and/or "Hercules" is the planet closest to the sun) that they are not bright people. And then of course they had the debate about whether or not Joe had ovaries. Juicy and Rosie apparently have a web series at How did I not know about this before? They are magical.

Oh boy. And then. So, a fan wrote in to ask Juicy about liking Rosie so much even though he hasn't been so complimentary of the gays in the past. Juicy says he has no problem with gay people, and made one dumb remark that got blown out of proportion. But these assholes can't stop there. First Juicy says that you can ask all the gay people you want -- he's never offended a one. ORLY, asks Andy Cohen's face. Teresa then actually literally says, "We have a gay couple that we're friends with." I mean…I KNOW. And then Teresa says that she hangs out with the girl and Juicy hangs out with the guy. Cue puzzled look from Andy Cohen, in response to which Teresa and Juicy explain that in gay male couples, there's always a girl and a guy. You know, says Juicy, there's a "feminier" one. Rosie says there's no girl and boy in a gay relationship, and kind of can't believe that she's related to these morons.

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