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And then it's time to take a trip through cannoli memory lane. If you'll recall, Kathy wanted to start a baking business this season and Richie was basically a giant pain in her ass. And then Wyatt the Juicy whisperer set them straight in Arizona. And of course, much like her doppelganger Rodney Dangerfield, Kathy gets no respect. Jacqueline makes a joke that she wasn't paying attention during Kathy's montage, which Kathy does not seem to appreciate.

A fan asks if Kathy would approve of Victoria's future husband belittling her in a manner reminiscent of Richie's treatment of Kathy. Kathy retorts that her husband is 100% supportive of her, and not a male chauvinist pig. They're merely going through a "different adjustment" that is cannoli-related. You may recall Teresa's interview in which she raved that the cannolis were "edible." Kathy sure does, and Teresa clarifies that if she said that, it wasn't in a "mean-ful" way. MEAN-FUL. Richie apparently has a habit of mean-tweeting ladies on Twitter, and being a jerk to Victoria's friends. God, I wish Caroline would raise her hand and yell, "WHO CARES?" like every sixteen seconds during this episode, including when she's talking.

We learn that Ashle(e)(y) is back at home with Jacqueline and that things are good, and then we move on to Jacqueline's struggle with Nicholas's autism. The montage makes Jacqueline tear up, and she says it's a joy and challenge every day. Nick is starting to spell words and can request things, but he still has plenty of struggles and frustrations. Fans were divided as to whether Jacqueline was being brave in sharing this experience or just plain exploiting the situation. Jacqueline says that she was raising awareness, and is both getting help and giving help by making her struggle public. Melissa pipes in to say that she thought the world was a better place (without so many mean commenters on the internet -- sorry guys!) before she got on a reality show. Well, we all have to learn sometime.

And then it's time to talk about Jacqueline's plastic surgery. Andy Cohen says that he literally almost barfed when he saw Jacqueline's fatty flesh triangles, particularly the piece with the tattoo on it. And yet he let this shit be aired to disturb the rest of us! Thanks, sport. Jacqueline is forced to list her various surgeries -- boobs, tummy tuck, neck, and nose. The rest is just Botox and filler. Jacqueline is officially the Jersey housewife with the most surgery. I will note that she's still far behind any of the Beverly Hills housewives. For the record, Dina has not reached out to Jacqueline about Nick, and the friendship breakup with Teresa was harder than the one with Dina.

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