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Teresa runs into Kathy, who immediately notices that Teresa is edgy. Teresa explains that Kathy was like a big sister to her until a couple of years ago because Rich gave her a hard time about her overspending. Despite the fact that he was 100% right (my opinion), Teresa took offense that Kathy never told him to back off.

Manzo manse. The Lauritas and Lauren's boyfriend Vito arrive. Caroline uses Jacqueline's eight-year-old son as an excuse to moan about how her boys are moving out of the house. She says all she has left is Lauren until Vito makes a move. "And when is that going to happen?" Vito pleads the fifth but does admit that he sees a glow when he looks at Lauren. In fact, the day before, he posted a picture of Lauren smiling and Tweeted, "This is the reason I get up and go to work every day." Chris snarks that it was really because Lauren was annoying the shit out of Vito, so he wanted to escape. The ladies tactfully ignore that dig and get onto the wedding porn. Lauren says she wants a huge wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Caroline jokes, "I didn't know we had a room called the Amalfi Coast at The Brownstone." Laughs Lauren, "I guess we'll have to paint a mural."

Back at The Manor, Rich and Kathy are talking to the Gorgas. Rich brings up one sore subject after another, from Teresa's dad to Teresa herself. CMJ says he ignores Teresa the way she ignores him at parties. CMJ says he'll put up with a lot from Teresa, but he won't put up with her excluding his family from events. He doesn't approve of BJ's behavior and thinks he's a drunken layabout who's poisoning his father's opinion of him. He will not, however, ignore his goddaughter Gia, who has arrived from her gymnastics competition. CMJ says the ball is in Teresa's court because he's tired of being hurt.

Manzo manse. Caroline asks if Chris will pay for Bratshley's wedding. Chris quips, "Absolutely. As many people as McDonald's can fit, I got it covered." Frankly, that's better than she deserves. Jacqueline gives everyone the update on Bratshley's tantrum the other day. Caroline is firmly on Jacqueline's side. Jacqueline interviews that it hurts when Bratshley doesn't listen to her and considers her an annoyance. She points out the Chris is going to have to commute from Hoboken to the Brownstone, so he announces that he is no longer working at the Brownstone after this week. He and Albert discussed it and decided he needed to explore the world and discover his passion. Caroline says she's proud of both her boys for making this decision.

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