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Teresa wonders why CMJ invited her to the christening if he doesn't want her around, and Melissa's sister Lysa chimes in that it was "a technicality." At this point, Teresa's husband, Bulldog Joe, has come into the picture, and you practically can see little droplets of foam forming at the corners of his lips. Teresa accuses Lysa of playing both sides with her and Melissa. CMJ gets so angry that he can't control these mouthy women that he pounds the table. Sadly, he does not flip it. Then again, we are at a christening, so you have to keep a certain level of decorum, I suppose. Teresa starts to walk away, but now Bulldog Joe is on the case. He lunges at CMJ, who's being held back by a friend. The crowd circles around the fracas, and the screen goes to black.

Flash back to one week earlier... Teresa visits Bulldog Joe's pizza place for her Skinny Italian book signing. She admits it's been a trying year for her and BJ, what with the bankruptcy that was "so not good." Ladies and gentlemen, the Queen of Understatement! She says she commends BJ for moving from construction to the food industry and says, even though "he's busting his ass, mama's bringin' home the bacon." And she's doing so with her New York Times bestselling book. She mentions that she's had amazing fans who've given her gifts like angels, wooden crosses and Padre Pio medallions. Padre Pio is the patron saint civil defense. Make of that what you will. She tears up as she says how she appreciates that her fans worry and care about her. Jacqueline and Caroline attend the event. Jacqueline explains that Teresa doesn't feel like she's gotten the support from her family she wants, but the Manzo-Lauritas are in the house. And they're thick as thieves! BJ delivers some pizzas and jokes that everyone will call him Doughboy now... because they don't already?

The next day, the Manzo boys take their family on a tour of their new apartment in Hoboken. As satisfied as Caroline is to have done a good job as a mother and raised kids whose lives are on track, she has mixed feelings about her emptying nest. Caroline gives the update on Albie: His law school dreams didn't work out, but he's moving on with his life. Albie says he's excited to start from scratch after everything he thought defined him was taken away last year. Caroline tears up as she walks through the apartment. She's still crying in the interview as she admits she didn't imagine her kids leaving so quickly and she doesn't want to let them go, but she knows she has to.

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