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Wyatt Explains It All

Rosie then has something to say. She feels that when Kathy was up with the horse, she didn't get the support she deserved. Teresa and Juicy were off talking to their kids, of course. Maybe the others just weren't paying attention. Kathy is a little peeved that Rosie brought this up, saying that she can handle her own shit. She tells the others that she approaches everything with an open heart. She's ready to be there for the others, and it would be nice if she felt the same thing in return. Teresa explains to us that Kathy is having one of her, "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!" moments, and tells Kathy that if her daughter calls, she's answering. Richie then talks about how Wyatt looked like Kenny Rogers and Juicy laughs, but Richie says that Wyatt was the real deal and is the first person to get Juicy to admit to being afraid. Juicy notes that all tough guys have a little fear in them. Richie interviews that he doesn't want Juicy to go to jail. I have to say, I'm warming a little to Juicy too, especially when he says that every guy cries in his life. When he's not vile and repulsive, he's actually a little bit charming.

Later, Juicy wants to play horse and psychiatrist with Caroline. He'll play the horse! Juicy gets down on all fours, and then Joe mounts him. Of course. Teresa has no time for these shenanigans, as she and Jacqueline are going to do a burning ceremony at the fire pit. She wants Jacqueline to talk about the things in their relationship that are still bothering her, so henceforth they never have to talk about them again. Jacqueline brings up the karma comment, and Teresa says she was talking about herself only, in the context of never wanting to hurt Jacqueline. The two ladies talk about missing each other, and then Teresa uses a trick she learned from Wyatt and asks Jacqueline what she's afraid of. Jacqueline is worried about disappointing Teresa, which is really odd. Teresa says she wants to be there more for Jacqueline, and give her more attention. Jacqueline brings up the Teresa/horse metaphor, then scrapes her shoe. This is all going to end in horrors, right?

Next week: high wire trust exercises featuring Teresa and Melissa. Melissa's birthday. People shouting and throwing glassware. Where's Wyatt when you need him?

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