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Wyatt Explains It All

And then it's time for Caroline and Al. Wyatt asks if they agree that our culture focuses externally at the cost of not having relationships with ourselves. He asks Al to say one thing about himself that's extremely awesome. Can you guys believe that Wyatt just said awesome? Anyway, Al says that he's done well, and overcome adversity. Wyatt looks into Al's eyes and feels a kinship, and thinks he knows what's behind them. And then he asks if Al was abused. He quickly says, "I'm not talking about…" which I guess means sexual abuse. He means emotionally. Al responds by saying, "Some people would say so… Clinically I would say yes." And then a few tears fall. Caroline tells us that Al had a rough childhood with a strict, demanding father who was sometimes extreme in the things he did. She's surprised that Al opened up to Wyatt. It's the crinkly eyes! Caroline tells Wyatt that Al is her heart and when he's sad she could die. Wyatt thinks that's a thing of beauty. Caroline cleans the hoof with no problem, as does Al. Wyatt says that it was so easy because both Caroline and Al are in touch with their emotional body, and are not guarded at all. Chris tells us that it was great to see Albert open up, which is a very rare thing.

Wyatt asks the group to name one thing they'll take with them. Melissa says, "That I can't lift a horse's leg." So, clearly, this exercise has affected her deeply. Wyatt tells them that the more vulnerable they can be, the better, every time. That's the point. He thanks them, with his crinkly-eyed tough guy stance, and then sings a verse of "Sunday Morning Coming Down" for good measure. Wyatt for president!

Back at the villa, Richie talks to Kathy about how Juicy has finally admitted he's afraid of going to jail. She wants Teresa and Juicy to know that they're there for them, but first they have to open the door. She also notes that she wanted to be there for everyone else's turn with the horse, but Teresa and Juicy were distracted. Meanwhile, Joe asks Teresa and Melissa what they thought of the day. Teresa unsurprisingly didn't get it. Joe says that it didn't help him personally, but he liked how Wyatt was able to ferret out weakness. Teresa says she doesn't have insecurities or weakness. After all, she's just Teresa! Kathy, meanwhile, tells Rich that the exercise was about being more open, since showing vulnerability allows you to better connect to others. Richie admits that he's guarded and Kathy adds that jokes are his defense mechanism. But he wants to work on the issues that Kathy talked about. In emotional dysfunction counterpoint, Teresa talks about how the exercise was good for people with issues or insecurities. Her problem was that she's just scared of horses. Riiiiiiiight. Melissa's thing is that Wyatt only knew them for three seconds, so how can he know anything about them? Well, I mean, he did peg her with whore-on-a-stroll. Caroline opines in an interview that Melissa and Teresa are the same person -- they're superficial, and they can't open up. Also they're completely vapid and also tacky. The hairlines are really different though. Both of them can't wait to go get a salt scrub or something.

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