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Wyatt Explains It All

While Teresa complains about her smeared makeup, Wyatt asks Kathy what she's feeling. Being on the decent list, she does not answer, "Tendons." She says that she feels proud, and Wyatt says you'd never know it by looking at her. He feels sad that she can't celebrate being able to do something that others couldn't. Richie hugs her, and Wyatt asks if he's learned anything watching Kathy. Richie says that just because she implodes instead of explodes 99% of the time, it doesn't mean she's okay. Wyatt is impressed that Richie heard her, but Richie doesn't seem thrilled in an interview when he says that all of a sudden he's the bad guy in her life.

Wyatt then asks Juicy and Teresa to put their phones away and get what they can out of the process instead of being distracted. They're all, "Blah blah blah kids," but Wyatt does not give a shit. Would you not love to see a Wyatt versus Milania showdown? Jacqueline is up next, and she says she's nervous and wants to cry. Wyatt says that he cries when he's sad or hurt, and Jacqueline says she's not sure why she feels like this. It's because she's an emotional wreck all the time! Teresa yells instructions, which is hilarious since she ran away from the horse. I'm surprised Wyatt doesn't tell her to shut it. Jacqueline gets to clean the hoof, and Wyatt encourages her to let the tears come. Teresa offers a hug, which Jacqueline accepts. Chris interviews that the caring side of Teresa is emerging, which is the side that both he and Jacqueline love.

And then it's Juicy's turn. Teresa pipes in to say that he's nervous, and Wyatt asks if she'd please let him do his job, e.g., shut the fuck up. Juicy says he's tired and hung over, and Wyatt hands him the shoe cleaning thing. The horse actually physically recoils and Juicy laughs. Wyatt wonders what Juicy's story is about why the horse moved, and asks what he's been scared of up unto this point. Juicy starts saying that everybody has a fear of something, and Wyatt wonders what the scariest thing for him has been. Juicy says that he and horses don't get along too well, and Wyatt wants him to think about his greatest fear in life aside from the horse. Juicy says he's dealing with "a little motor vehicle…y'know, issue." Wyatt is all like, "Is the DMV that bad?" and we are reminded about the possibility that Juicy might go to jail for drivers' license fraud. This was filmed before we knew about all the other things he could possibly go to jail for! Wyatt wonders if Juicy is afraid of losing what he's accomplished, and he admits that he is. Joe is shocked that Juicy brought up the legal issues, and theorizes that reality is setting in. It's a big step. Wyatt wonders if Juicy has a fear of rejection and being alone and he says, "A little bit." If you acknowledge your fear, says Wyatt, it stops having power over you. Juicy sort of grunts in response. Nonetheless, Caroline tells us that Juicy blew her mind to the extent that she wanted to hug him. Juicy then tries to clean the hoof, with success! Happiness abounds.

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