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Wyatt Explains It All

Wyatt asks if Melissa meets the needs of others before her own, and she says sometimes she does. He wonders if she ever gets resentful when people don't appreciate how much effort she puts in being nice to them, and she admits that she does. With, for example, Teresa. Melissa interviews that she constantly tries to "wipe the slape clean" with Teresa, but she isn't appreciated for it. Wyatt then tells her that there's a difference between being nice and being manipulative, and Juicy cackles. And I mean…BURN, PART DEUX!!!! Wyatt says any time he's doing something for somebody else with a hoped-for outcome, he's running a game. Melissa looks less than happy with this assessment, and blinks a lot. You guys, Wyatt is the best. Can we PLEASE make him a housewife in season six? He's way better than any of the Kims and/or the Penny/Jan people. And how do you think he would feel about Dr. V.? There are so many things I want to know about Wyatt, including his favorite locale for going on a whore-on-a-stroll walk.

Melissa still can't get the horse to lift its foot, and Joe tries to give her some pointers. Wyatt then goes over to Joe, noting that intervening on somebody else's discomfort isn't always a good thing to do, because if you cheat around something you don't learn. Melissa is NOT feeling this whole exercise. Wyatt notes that there's a whole bunch of people that she could ask for help. So who is she going to ask? Joe, of course. But he's a little scared of the horse. So who can help Joe and Melissa? Why Teresa, of course. And really, why not ask somebody who's already gotten the horse to lift his leg? Maybe this is also a basic intelligence test. Wyatt gets Teresa closer to the horse, but at the last minute she runs away saying she can't do it. Melissa gets permission to sit down, and Teresa and Joe go with her. Caroline is amazed that these morons didn't get the point of the exercise, and didn't open up. It's about challenging yourself in front of other people, she says, and that's something that they can't do. It's very telling. And unsurprising, as we already knew that they are emotionally retarded human beings. As far as human decency on this show, so far the only sure things we have are Chris and Rosie.

Kathy and Richie get a turn next, and you may be surprised to know that Richie does not have much luck getting the horse to lift his leg. Meanwhile, Juicy wanders off to take a call. At first it sounds like it's another call with a sketchy "contractor," but in fact it's the kids. Teresa joins him to talk to Milania, who no doubt has some choice words about horse poop. Meanwhile, Richie is getting aggravated. Wyatt asks what he does when he gets aggravated and Kathy says that he screams, and she gets the brunt of it. Wyatt notes that getting to the shouting stage pretty quick is called rage. "I see," says Richie. Wyatt then asks what Kathy does when she gets angry. She says she holds it in, and it comes out in tears. Kathy tells us that Rich doesn't listen to her, and she wishes things could be different. Wyatt gives Kathy the shoe cleaning pick and sends her off to the horse, who lifts no problem. Add Kathy to the decent list, which is no real surprise.

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