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While Jacqueline gathers herself in the ladies room, Bratshley finds another rationalization for her behavior: Jacqueline doesn't speak to her with a calm enough tone. She gripes, "I look like the bitch again." Newsflash: You are, kid. Chris reminds Bratz that Jacqueline sacrificed a lot to be a mother, and Matt reinforces Jacqueline's point that Bratz doesn't respect her. For her part, Bratz thinks that Jacqueline lost any bargaining chips the minute she decided to keep the baby. I can't even get into that logic. Elsewhere, Jacqueline weeps in labored gasps. Chris tries one more time to get the message through to Bratz: "She put a lot of work into raising you, and she feels like you hate her for it." Matt basically tells Bratz he would beat her up if she pulled that with him. It's not the healthiest point to make, but it seems to resonate better with Ol' Thick Head McFlakerson. Chris heads downstairs to find Jacqueline, who says she's done. To be continued...

Next week: The intervention continues well beyond the restaurant. Juicy wins his fraud case. Kathy extends an olive (tapas) branch to Teresa and invites her to a tasting party, which only reignites the trouble between Teresa and Melissa.

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