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The point they're getting at is that Bratz needs to be accountable. Jacqueline brings up the example of Bratshley's ill-fated T-shirt design for Lauren. Bratz thinks Lauren is "making" her do a design that she doesn't want to. Jacqueline thinks that, if Bratz said she would do something for someone else, it shouldn't matter whether it's specifically Bratshley's vision or not. She should honor her commitment. None of it is going through, though, because Bratz feels totally ambushed and ganged up on. She thinks her parents constantly shoot her down and tell her that her efforts aren't good enough.

Somewhat apropos of that, Matt brings up a very recent of example of her efforts (or lack thereof) not being good enough when he asks, "What did you get your parents for Christmas?" That answer, in fact, is "Nothing." Bratz sits there in stunned, awkward-smiling silence. Chris joins in and explains that that kind of behavior is exactly why he and Bratz have a problem. He gives and gives and never gets anything back.

Once Jacqueline joins the fracas, shit gets real. She voices her chief frustration: Bratshley doesn't respect her. Proving exactly that, Bratz is all, "What? At least I'm not knocked up like you were at my age." At which point it's like everyone is bound and powerless to stop this head-on collision. The men literally drop their heads and check out, while Bratshley's stepmom is all, "Oh not she di'n't!" Jacqueline makes the point I just made, calling out Bratz for this blatant disrespect. Bratshley doesn't even have the awareness to connect the dots between what she just said and Jacqueline's overarching point. Hussmunch, thy name is Bratz.

Jacqueline immediately gets defensive, even as Bratz furiously tries to backpedal, claiming she meant that the fact that she hasn't had a kid yet was proof of Jacqueline raising her well. But Jacqueline is on fire now. Somehow the argument turns and becomes about babysitting? Bratz is all, "I didn't choose to have CJ and Nicholas." Which is to say, "I shouldn't have to watch them." Jacqueline actually raises her voice to the point that the people at the booth behind them turn around to watch the altercation. She tells Bratz that she doesn't "do a goddamn thing" for her and should be willing to help Jacqueline out when necessary considering all they're doing for her. Bratshley cups her face in her hands and starts laugh-crying at the shambolic nature of what's going down.

In her head, she has justified that the only reason things have gotten to this point is that Jacqueline won't end the argument. You see? It's all Jacqueline's fault. Matt tries to give her some pointers on how to deal with this perceived problem reasonably, but that only angers Jacqueline more. She starts putting on her coat and tells Bratz, "You are the most disrespectful brat I've ever seen in my life. You don't appreciate a goddamn thing anybody does for you. Nothing! You continue to treat me like I'm a piece of shit." She tells Bratz to get out of her house and storms off.

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