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Previously on Masterpiece Presents: The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Gorgas and Giudices and Wakiles came to a truce, but Tio Joe still felt distance between himself and his goddaughter, Gia. Albie and Christopher Manzo were "opening" a "restaurant." Juicy and Chris Laurita took exactly 39 seconds to resolve any hard feelings between them, while Teresa called Jacqueline evil, and Jacqueline called Teresa a sociopath. One of those things is at least partially true.

We enter on Teresa and Jacqueline, who are debating over who's zooming who, or who zoomed who in the past. Teresa wants to know precisely how she's hurt Jacqueline, and Jacqueline says that Tre didn't appreciate her offers of help. She's also upset at Teresa's remark that instead of hurling insults on Twitter, Jacqueline should focus on her son. Jacqueline is offended that Teresa would imply that her focus is anywhere but on her family, and says that Teresa has no idea what she goes through every day.

In the men's smoking lounge, Chris talks to Juicy about their struggles with Nicholas, and says that though everyone thinks they can recover him, it's going to take patience and work. Juicy basically thinks that Nicholas is Rain Man. "Is he a very good driver?" asks Juicy, puffing away on his cigar. Meanwhile, Teresa apologizes for the fact that Jacqueline has troubles with her son, because obviously it is her fault, like everything is her fault. Add it to the federal indictment!

Teresa talks about how close she and Jacqueline once were, and says that she'd never hurt her, her kids, or her husband. While she blamed Jacqueline for the rift between her and Joe, she says that they're going in circles and nothing is getting resolved. She wants them to be civil, and not to feel uncomfortable if they run into each other or are forced to film together. Jacqueline says that despite her longstanding anger, she won't do anything to hurt Teresa going forward. She will let the federal government take care of it, and just giggle in her head at the thought of Teresa in an orange jumpsuit. So, now apparently they're at a good place, and can go down and join the men. Jacqueline reminds us that their relationship will never get back to where it was, and then we see Teresa mentioning that she should knock it off with the cheating rumors. Jacqueline apologizes to Juicy, who says he's already forgotten about it. And plus, it kind of helps his image if other people think there's a second lady on earth who would bone him.

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