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It's Jesus's Birthday!

In Hoboken, Albie and Christopher have plans that apparently involve a girl. Albie makes a point of asking Christopher not to embarrass him, including but not limited to leaving the Cajun voice at home. Christopher gets a little of his made-up dialect out of his system at that moment, prompting Albie to comment, "Sometimes I wonder exactly how far your head is up your ass." Later that night, Caroline, Lauren, and Jacqueline arrive in a limo to pick them up for the evening. The girl in question is Alexa Ray Joel, whom Albie met at a charity event some months back. Caroline and Jacqueline immediately get on the bandwagon for Albie and Alexa to fall in love, get married, and have babies. FYI: Alex is 25. Who else does that make feel old?

They all arrive at The Oak Room at The Plaza for the concert. Talk of how accomplished Alexa is makes Jacqueline ponder what a non-starter Bratshley has become. She says, "She needs to get her shit together now." Speaking of troubled kids, even Caroline jumps on Christopher to make sure he doesn't embarrass his brother. She reiterates that there will be no Cajun voice tonight. Once Christopher agrees to give Albie the night off from his usual mocking, Alexa stops by the group's table and sits down next to him. Albie immediately clams up, save for occasionally making an awkward jokes that no one gets. Albert and Christopher seem to be a lot more successful with the witty banter. Even Caroline is chatting her up more than Albie. That said, Albie seems to think Caroline's approval is the kiss of death. Alexa goes up to sing. During an extended plug for her music career with random shots of Christie Brinkley thrown in, Caroline makes a toast to a happy 2011 and interviews that her family may be crazy, but they love each other.

Next week: New Year's Eve! That means New Year's resolutions and drunken public brawls!

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