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It's Jesus's Birthday!

Previously: It's Christmas, and pretty much everyone hates each other, save for Chris Manzo and Kim G.'s son, Bratshley and the Jeep that Chris paid for, and Caroline and gaudy jewelry.

Christmas Eve. The Gorgas try to make a graceful exit from Teresa's party so they can go to that of her arch-nemesis-slash-cousin Kathy's. Teresa pulls a full guilt trip on Joe to try to make him stay and interviews that Kathy is being "kinda evil"... for inviting her cousin to a Christmas party? Joe tries to explain that it's his decision to take the family over to Kathy's, but Teresa insists that Kathy's not being a good cousin because she isn't urging Joe to stay at Teresa's house. She brings up the comment Kathy made at the Posche fashion show, and insists that Kathy deliberately tried to hurt her. Joe basically tells Teresa that this problem is between Kathy and her, and they should talk. Teresa claims she will when she's ready but says she's focusing her energies on reuniting her family and the Gorgas at this moment. And putting the guilt trip on Joe on Christmas Eve (including making him feel bad that Antonia won't have any young cousins to play with at Kathy's)? Well that's a great path toward reconciliation, Tre!

Manzo manse. There is grated cheese aplenty, and Caroline is still in her sweats as dinner is served. Her attitude about this schlubbishness? Deal with it. Caroline's Uncle Louie makes a toast that they have a great family, and everyone raises his/her glass to that notion.

Back at the Giudice estate, Melissa and Joe are trying to leave, so Teresa uses a pouting Antonia as her pawn to try one last shot at getting her brother to stay. And as is usually the case with people who ally themselves in an argument with a five-year-old, Teresa loses. At which point she falls back on the, "My parents are in bad health" gripe. Though, I will say, Giacinto seems pretty robust for someone who's practically dying according to Teresa. The Gorgas finally get a few steps out the door, but not without Gia giving her godfather/uncle a huge bear hug.

The party is winding down at the Manzo manse when Albert arrives home. Christopher and Albie are dispatched to go outside and jingle bells for Jacqueline's eight-year-old son CJ, so he'll think Santa is afoot. But that CJ is a smart cookie, and he's all, "I see someone lying on the grass under the deck, jingling bells. Pshaw." Christopher comes back and insists there was no one outside, and CJ's says straight-up, "It was you." Ha.

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