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Speaking of Jacqueline, folks are starting to arrive at her party. The Manzo boys are first, followed by the Gorgas and the Wakiles including Rosie. Red wine is involved. Watch it, suckers! There is poker happening with the men and Rosie (WHO IS WEARING ANOTHER ASCOT OMG OMG OMG IT IS NOW APPARENTLY HER SIGNATURE), while upstairs Melissa complains about the second real estate agent that she brought in and Jacqueline attends to Nicholas. The guys ask Rosie if she's a boob girl (yes) and if she's ever been with a man (no). On the second point, Joe tells her that she's got to try it. Richie says that, if that's the case, Joe should try taking it in the ass. And then to more serious matters. What Jacqueline wants most is for Nicholas to say "I love you" again, and Chris has secretly been working with a therapist to try to make that happen. He's hoping that he can get Nicholas to say it tonight at the party, to surprise her. Ten bucks that the kid says, "iPad."

Back at the Ho-Ho-Kus showdown, Caroline tries to convince Teresa that she should start her reconciliation process by making amends with Kathy. Teresa is not on board with this plan, given that Kathy called her father a coward. They really did get into some nasty territory at last season's reunion. Teresa explains that it was a stressful week, what with her father being in the hospital, and Caroline tells her that she doesn't want Nono to die without seeing his kids together. I thought Nono was firmly Team Teresa? This seems to make a dent -- another dent -- in Teresa's skull, even with its prehistoric levels of thickness.

Back at the poker game, the guys are asking Rosie for cunnilingual techniques. Jacqueline enters, and Chris sneaks out to get Nicholas. Nicholas wears his Christmas penguin PJs, and Chris asks Jacqueline to hold a lollipop. He then coaches Nicholas to tell Jacqueline "I love you," which he does. Everyone pretends that this moment, at a poker game with cameras, is the first time it's happened. Still, hooray. Nicholas has the lollipop, and so is happy. In a tearful interview, Jacqueline explains that a part of her thought Nicholas would never say that to her again. So when he said it, it also indicated that he could say so much more, and gave her hope. I have no snark to impart on that note.

We then get a short between-commercial segment in which Albie asks Rosie about her stance on dildos. Take a guess.

Back at the sibling summit, Teresa tells Caroline that she does want to make things better. Caroline suggests that she come right out and say that she was a bitch but is sorry. Teresa would like Melissa to also say that she was a bitch, and Caroline suggests that they try to meet halfway. Teresa imparts the message that if Joe comes to her to make peace, she'll have open arms. However, both parties have to be willing to bend. Teresa takes her leave, and Caroline tells us that she feels like she's accomplished something. Still, she's ready for a big fat glass of wine. Not the red wine though, unless she wants to be involved in a Gorga curse. Wait, it's too late!

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