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And then it's time to pay a visit to the Manzos, in which we learn that Caroline and Al mostly got their Hoboken apartment so they can get away from Lauren. She's been even worse since she lost her weight, which is saying something. We're then introduced to Caroline's sister Fran, who is like the perfect cross between Dina Manzo and Callie Khouri. She has a little dog named Frito, because he smells like Fritos. Hey! That's an actual condition! In any case, Fran is going through a divorce and has been staying with the Manzos, and fostering Frito-smelling dogs. The Manzos also have a little dog named Austin and two German shepherds, and Al seems relatively annoyed by the whole situation. To further his annoyance, Caroline explains to Al about how she's getting in the middle of everybody's business. At this point he obviously doesn't care enough to even be like, "No. Stop. Don't."

We then have a scene with the Wakiles, who are giving their son whose name I can't for the life of me remember a driving lesson. Joseph! That's his name. Kathy is a stress case and Richie is gross, per usual. I just want ONE cast member on this show who isn't a complete miscreant.

Well, maybe Jacqueline isn't a COMPLETE miscreant. She's around 80 percent, but there's still a sparkle of decency left in her. She's starting a video blog for Parenting magazine, focused on her "autism journey." Why is everything a journey these days? "It was an important step along my herpes journey." In the video blog, she's being interviewed by content director Anamary Connery, which is a fun thing to say five times fast.

Back at the homestead, Chris Laurita the elder is hanging out with Joe Gorga, shooting pool and talking about if you can still get it up at age 46. As you do. Chris assures Joe and the world that some things get better with age, before essentially calling Joe the male equivalent of a nymphomaniac. It is true that Joe is about to make sweet love to the pockets in the pool table. Chris interviews that he and Jacqueline have a lot going on, but are sure to make time for "all that stuff." Romance! When Joe asks how their relationship has been affected by Nicholas's situation, Chris does admit that it's stressful and Jacqueline has been emotional. Cut back to Jacqueline doing her video blog and crying as she recounts how Nicholas stopped saying "I love you." We then cut to Chris telling Joe that Nicholas was a miracle baby, and that Jacqueline had five miscarriages before having him. Doctors thought that she was miscarrying Nicholas as well and wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but Jacqueline wouldn't do it. As we see Jacqueline crying more and saying that she can't continue with the video blog, Chris tells Joe that he's confident that they'll recover Nicholas at some point, and that everything will be wonderful. It's not always easy, but he and Jacqueline won't give up and are fighting to get everything they can for Nicholas. Joe respects Chris for being such a good guy, to the extent that he wants to make out. It's probably the little hint of Caroline that he sees in Chris's jowls that does it.

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