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In The Valley Of The Polar Bears
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Mickey Donovan got out of jail early, shot a priest in the head and then headed west to LA, where his sons live: Terry who has Parkinson's and a broken heart, Bunchy who just got his settlement from his diocese back in Southie, Daryll the bastard and Ray the fixer. It's also the home of Sean Walker, a former cokehead blockbuster star who was involved in the murder/frame-job that put Mickey away in the first place and part of Mick's overall plan to encroach on every part of Ray's life until he disappears, which like nearly every Showtime and HBO drama since The Sopranos is really just a metaphor for how much Baby Boomers -- and now Gen Xers in turn -- resent their parents.


Ray returns home with his dossier on the dead priest, and is annoyed by the thug gangbanger music coming from the end of the cul-de-sac as usual, because why don't black people understand that suburbs exist purely so the rest of us can get away from them, Showtime is gross, blah blah. After some teary-eyed review of Bridget's family tree project that is still in play, he goes upstairs to get his shit, where Abby comes jumping out the shadows with her bitching cocked and ready to go.

Abby: "Five fucking days, Ray? When I tell you not to come home and you don't come home, who are you punishing? Your kids, that's who."
Ray: "Actually, I am unpunishing them and everybody else, by not offering myself up to be groused at in front of them, 24/7."
Abby: "How dare you take me at my word? How dare you not give me the opportunity to gloat over hanging out with your dad constantly, the one thing you begged me not to do?"
Ray: "I don't have time for you, you're the worst, here's some cash, buy a dress, get it together for Ezra's benefit tonight, please stop yelling in my face."
Abby: "Don't you treat me like a whore!"
Ray: "I'm not treating you like anything. I'm just leaving, because you're awful."

Homegirl follows him out into the street, still screaming, but the black-people music is so loud it drowns her out. The relief is so sweet that he pursues it all the way down the street and into the house, where they're doing the usual things that white people imagine black people are up to all the time. The only difference is that in this mansion full of 'em, Ray Donovan is a hero. Why? Solely because that would be a swell thing for any man actually watching this to feel while they were watching this: Like black people feel that he is awesome. When you picture Showtime's target demographic, understand that it's all grandpas and John Mayer.

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Ray Donovan




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