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An Inconvenient Time For Cancer
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Abby was on her best (if mortifying) behavior visiting a new school, while Ray did his best to keep a work/life balance by only getting slightly carved up while doing his job. In the end, it was Connor's relationship with Tommy Wheeler that Stu Feldman's crummy kid used to get him -- and the while family -- kicked out of consideration for the academy. Meanwhile Mickey took Bunchy and Daryll to visit Claudette in Palm Springs, knitting their little family-of-three closer than ever, and Terry's first date with Frances went relatively well, despite his greatest efforts to sink it. More previously, Ezra's going nuts -- everybody knows it, Mickey's helping -- and Ray got a blowjob from a crazy girl.


I'm presuming. It's very winding and woodsy. Ezra drives very intensely, listening to his old man music, and seems very intent on the road and focusing on the task at hand. Which makes it all the more ironic when a man appears out of nowhere and gets run over by poor old Ezra.


Avi feels very bad, over his breakfast, about whatever mysterious wrench was thrown into their plan to make sure Mickey's priest assassination gets him put back in jail.

Ray: "I mean, we paid that guy Eddie in Boston a lot of money to make sure."
Avi: "I know! I watched him go into the police station, he made the ID, everything was perfect!"
Ray: "And yet."
Avi: "Oh, here's a picture of him meeting with Van Miller. A man who does not exist on any books or systems available to me."
Ray: "He seems moderately legit, not like one of Mickey's lowlife buddies. I wonder if he has anything to do with Mickey's total murder of a person going away."
Avi: "I guess it would be my job to figure that out, huh?"

Ray's in the car for a good nine seconds before, of course, his phone rings: Ezra is missing and Lee is all manner of perturbed about it.

Ray: "What makes you think he'll answer the phone for me, if not you?"
Lee: "Don't be a joker. I know everybody hates me. Just find him."
Ray: "I guess it's not really a distraction from the task at hand, considering Ezra's all tied up in the original framing that sent Mickey away, and is at the top of Mickey's revenge list. I guess I can see it that way."


Abby: "Of all the human weaknesses, I hate sleep the most. Six to eight hours a day of not bitching at anybody? What a goddamn waste. Where is your father, I need to get started on bitching. I've got six to eight hours to make up."

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