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Mickey does a lot of drugs and fucks a hooker, because say what you will but the man does have a set of priorities. He lives by certain rules. He is into the asses of black ladies, that's a pattern you'll pick up on as we continue getting to know Mickey. Black lady butts are way up there for him personally.


When Ashley's stalker gets home, it's to a friendly Ray Donovan sitting in his living room with two eponymous things in his lap.

Ray: "The bag or the bat, Bob?"
Bob: "The bag?"

Cut to Bob weeping in the bathtub, several boxes of green Rit dye in the water turning every bit of him Hulk green. I don't know how comfortable or safe that is, I'm guessing the water is probably pretty cold, but I think we can say -- and Bob would agree -- that he chose correctly. Ray does not have a huge amount of sympathy for his plight, though.

Ray: "Stop crying. You're streaking the dye. Stand up. Cup your fucking genitals, I don't want to look at that shit. It's over. No restraining orders, no seeing her in court, none of that. You come near her again, I'll kill you. Do you understand me?"

Ray hands him a towel, at last, and leaves. Tommy Wheeler called his sexuality an "addiction" and there is a lot of talk in this show and this episode about addictions, but I think maybe Ray has a better handle on stalkers than might easily be assumed, because if you look at Bob as an addict then he's saying not one but two things: One, that he has covered all the exits and Bob's addiction has no options for release anymore, and Two -- which proceeds directly from number one if you think about it -- that he will eventually be killing Bob, probably by the end of this episode. Green, sobbing, soon-to-be-dead Bob. There are a million humiliations in the naked city, even for those of us who remember to cup our genitals.


Abby: "[Small list of things not having to do with prep school or real estate] followed by [the lion's share of what she likes to talk about, prep school and real estate]."
Ray: "I did not mention Marlborough to Stu Feldman during our meeting, because he was making me want to vomit, and then I nearly fucked his child girlfriend. Also, Bunchy fell off the wagon and Terry sprung a brother and a father on me. And here my life was going so well."
Abby: "[Bitching, always.]"
Ray: "Please quit it."

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