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Ray has no trouble getting Bunchy out -- he's Ray Donovan, he doesn't even need to pay bail or anything, to get the charges dropped -- and when he gets to the club Bunchy is so ashamed he can't even look him in the eye. Ray is very funny about being touched, of course, and it's an ongoing part of his physicality in almost every scene about what kind of touching is okay and what kind is not.

In this boxing gym, though -- even here, where bodies are explained away and regulated -- he has to demand several times that Bunchy walk across the room and put himself in Ray's arms before he believes it, before he does it. Their bodies explain to you that this is a big deal; that it's a show of kindness that isn't a show and only exists to give you (and Bunchy) the narrative of how much Ray loves his brothers, and how much Ray and Terry both need Bunchy to survive. I don't know how you could stop hugging Bunchy once you started.

Bunchy: "I was sober ten months, three days until this."
Ray: "I know."
Terry: "Um, there's another thing... You remember Dad's girlfriend Claudette? They had a kid, before he went to Walpole."
Ray: "How fucking long have you known this?"
Terry: "A long time. He's grown, his name's Daryll..."

Hearing his name, Daryll walks into the room and Ray flips out. He jets backwards out of the hug Daryll's bringing to the table, and both the other brothers immediately warn Daryll about trying to touch him. The backstory is that after she was in jail for bad checks, she ended up bringing Daryll with her out to California, so the boys have known about their fourth brother for about ten years: Since before Ray moved them from Boston, and Terry bought his gym. Mickey wanted them to get to know Daryll, but they all knew Ray couldn't handle that; half of this show is Ray and Mickey trying to figure out how they can both be the dad at the same time without killing each other. (They cannot!)

Ray: "The same man who threw rocks during the Boston thing, screaming Niggers go home? Is this a joke?"
Terry: "Not a funny one. The only reason we're telling you know is that Mickey got out. He made parole, five years early."

Ray's very busy -- but not atypical -- day goes from bad to worse. For somebody whose life and livelihood depend on knowing everything before everybody else, to find out the brothers he's been taking care of for fifteen years have been keeping all this from him is only slightly less awful than finding out Mickey's on his way to town.

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