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The Solution

Ashley: "How come we never had a thing? And don't say I'm not your type. Of course I'm your type. Both because I'm everybody's type and because it's written all over your face."

"You fall in love easily. All the little lost dolls..."

In short order things have gotten steamy. Ray carries her halfway to the bedroom and then, her legs around his waist, kisses her against the wall. Her moans turn to groans and suddenly she has lost consciousness. It is a scary moment.

A few minutes later she comes around, blushing on the couch.

Ashley: "Oh my God! I'm so embarrassed. I have epilepsy and I'm not supposed to drink, the sugar fucks me up..."
Ray: (Doesn't speak, doesn't judge.)
Ashley: "What the fuck am I doing? Why am I seeing Stu? He's a terrible person. God, I'm so fucked up..."

This last said almost with eyes looking through her hands, to see if it's working. The magic spell that makes you irresistible to a certain kind of person.

Ray: "Look, you're gonna be fine. Stop opening the door to strangers. Get a dog, not a gun, because they will use the gun on you and not the other way around. Get a security system. Get your shit together."
Ashley: "I really need yoga right now."
Ray: "My wife does yoga."
Ashley, intensely: "Where does she go!?"

It seems like an LA moment, like that you would snap her out of this by suggesting a secret yoga studio that is better or more exclusive or more real than all others; there's a tinge of madness though to everything that Ashley does where you hope he doesn't tell her, for some reason. But he does.

Ashley: "Can I see you again?"
Ray: "Just let me do my job and take care of you. Deal with this stalker guy."
Ashley: "Okay, I love you!"
Ray: "Um. Anyway, keep your doors locked, and no more yoga on the deck."
Ashley: "Yes, Daddy!"

She is like alternating current, back and forth between a person and a flailing, flaming collection of id and banal neuroses. It's mesmerizing, and she knows it; she doesn't really know it.

Ray: "Don't worry. You're in the solution now."
Ashley: "I remember that. I love it! ...What does it mean?"

It means everything is a trap, even safety. It means whatever her last problem was is over and her new problem has begun. It's a horse-whispering, meaningless sentiment with just enough truth in it to keep them hoping. "You are in the solution now." It holds forth the possibility of happiness, the idea that suffering is temporary; it is a lie, and he knows it. But it's the best thing to say when they're like this.

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