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Is a real thing, a support group for men who were assaulted by priests? Is that funny? No it is not. This show has a different idea about that. Anyway, Bunchy has had a slip and as a result has gone to a meeting, so their other brother Terry has called Ray to deal with it. After a few tiny monologues of these men's experiences, Bunchy gets a call from Ray and we learn why he had the slip: He just won a $1.4M settlement in his case, and it turns out this has not solved his problems. Ray offers to come get him, but Bunchy is going to be drinking for a while yet.


Avi waits on the street in front while Ray assesses the situation at Ashley's house. She's the Disney kid that is dating Stu Feldman, and she's doing yoga on the back patio of her beautiful beach house, and the first thing that happens is Ray catches a man masturbating to this. He gets away, but Avi takes down his plates for later; Ray can't leave it alone, he can't just do his job this time, so he goes to the front door. Turns out Ashley knows Ray Donovan from before. (Another thing with this show is that everybody knows him, so a lot of scenarios that are at first stressful become slightly less stressful once they recognize him.)

Ray: "Do you always open the door without asking who it is like that?"
Ashley: "Sure, when it's you."

She invites him in and they reminisce about how he helped her with her parental stuff back when she was sixteen. She is very beautiful and obviously a very huge mess.

Ashley: "I ever thank you?"
Ray: "You certainly tried. Listen, you have a stalker..."

She doesn't buy it at first, but as he goes from room to room checking windows and doors, she starts getting anxious. It's only a few minutes before she realizes he's there on a job, working for Stu Feldman.

Ashley: "It's Stu, isn't it? He hired you to spy on me? That fucking asshole! He's married, did you know that? What does he want from me?"
Ray: "[No answer necessary.]"
Ashley: "Please, I've had guys jerking off to me since I was fifteen. Not you, though."
Ray: "I'm only telling you think because I don't want you to get hurt. Now about this stalker, there are things we can do to mitigate it..."
Ashley: "Ugh, 'mitigate' it? I don't want another dog, my last dog died of cancer! I can't handle this right now!"

Bunchy gets into a bar fight, because that is obviously what is going to happen. Ray's violence comes with the job, Terry's violence goes into his business. Bunchy's violence just lives inside him, all the time.

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