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The Solution

Ray: "I don't want to deal with Stu Feldman, I want to see Ezra."
Lee: "My partner is fine, he's grieving. You can see him tomorrow at the service."
Ray: "How about please don't ever tell me what to do?"

Lee looks away, because Ray is huge and menacing and that's subtly about as scary as he gets, and right back to the tranny talk. It's interesting though the way that you can already tell that Ray really, really wants to be with Ezra and Lee really, really enjoys being in the middle of it. He leverages everything, Lee Drexler, to make himself feel good about himself. Which is a losing proposition because he sucks, so that will never work out; but also that maybe Lee just doesn't have the capacity to understand how much Ray loves Ezra, both because he doesn't understand love (vide Tommy Wheeler) but also because the how and why of Ray loving Ezra is a complicated thing, with both upsides and downsides, and because his real dad Mickey's a disappointment and a bitter enemy.


Is jittery like a motherfucker, maybe not even on illegal regular drugs but on strange B-cocktail injections and smoothies with ingredients that the FDA has never heard of. He has a hand-sanitizer dispenser next to his front door; he wears his polos too small and keeps crossing and uncrossing his legs and nodding at nothing.

Paramount exec. I don't know if I even needed to say that. Like, look at this:

Stu: "I've been seeing this chick! I want you to follow her, see if she's fucking around on me. I'm married, Lee told you that, right? You think I'm a scumbag, right? Married, but I'm fucking around with this chick? Lee said you're the best in town. I love my wife but this chick has her claws in me. My wife doesn't want to have sex with me anymore, I don't feel good about myself. You ever do growth hormone? [Nailed it.] This bracelet is not Kabbalah, it's there to remind me it's the hand of taking, you know? It should be the hand of giving, you know? I want to give more. I don't want her to know that I'm having her followed, she has trust issues. She was one of those Disney kids, parents stole all her money. Now she's a singer. Like Britney. All right, good good good! You don't talk a lot. I like that. I'm gonna start doing that. Makes you very mysterious. I think I give away my power too much."

Isn't that horrible? What a beautiful monologue of how horrible he is. And of course Ray just staring at him -- not judging, mind unblown -- gives us more about Ray than a whole hour of him dancing around the kitchen with his wife like a couple of queers, because I don't know about you but I couldn't make it through five minutes with Stu Feldman. It's partially the acting but also just the portrait of this dude is so specific and on-target and scary that you end up hoping he is actually some kind of evil mastermind just so you can pretend guys like this don't outnumber us all.

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