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The Solution


Lee: "...You know what this asshole just told me? That he was raised to help a woman. A woman. Women don't have cocks, you moron!"
Tommy: "It was the middle of the night, she ran out of gas..."

This stuff goes on for a while. The same week DOMA was finally struck down, this goes on for a while on a heavily marketed TV show. Spoiler alert, the good news is that the "tranny" in question, Chloe, is one of the most finely turned characters the show has to offer -- along with Tommy Wheeler himself, who is played by Austin Nichols and is therefore wonderful and mesmerizing -- so it works out, but only in practice. Doesn't make it less unearned, situated as it is among the black stereotypes and overwhelmingly shysty Jews everywhere and everybody getting raped by priests as their main thing.

Ray: "Let me handle this. Tommy, look at me. Tommy, listen to me. I have a way to get you out of this."


Ray: "Lena, call TMZ and leak that Tommy Wheeler is at the Caveat with a dead girl. Then get over there and represent him. You're his publicist, or you work for the studio, or... Just try to control the story."
Tommy: "Did I kill her?"
Ray: "No, she overdosed."
Tommy: "Whew!"


Deonte: "Dawg thanks dawg. I have to take my wife to breakfast at the Ivy."
Ray: "No, bring her here and then the story is always that you came with your wife."

Avi: "Take some of this nosebleed blood and rub it on your dick."
Tommy: "That seems reasonable to me."

Outside Lena is amazing, working whatever Uta Hagen sense-memory backstory she has created for herself as Tommy's vague representative: "I can confirm Tommy Wheeler is in the hotel, that's all I can tell you at this point." As silly as I think the whole switcheroo is, given the John Irving Twist weight the show seems to give it, I do like this idea of "controlling the story" as a way of controlling the story. Like it doesn't really matter what happened, as long as she activates the immune reaction in the paparazzi of what they will assume happened, by never saying anything at all. That's pretty hot.


Lee: "So we put him in Voyages. Suck one cock, you're a cocksucker for life. Get caught with a dead girl? Admit to a drug problem, go to rehab, no problem. Isn't straight privilege a funny thing I don't really understand?"

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