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The Solution

It's one of the oldest tropes, it goes back before even noir, older than America: The woman in possession of your heart shares a secret with the Devil (Marceline knew Simon before he was the Ice King, off the top of my head, but it's everywhere all the time: Where there's a high-powered, dark senex, you're going to find an anima imbalance somewhere nearby. Jonathan Harker is only as interesting as the relationship between Mina and Count Dracula. Penny's dad could only ever be Charles Widmore. Faith's power over Buffy comes partly from the fact that Buffy could never love the Mayor, much less become his daughter. If the character didn't need to stay alive for the length of the story, Skyler would have somehow ended up in collusion with Gus Fring. Etc.) and it will always be a part of the story, because men are born fearing only two things: Their fathers, and women. The two kinds of people who know the secret they're scared they're never going to figure out.


Bunchy's reading a book when Ray gets to the gym: If the Man You Love Was Abused. "You haven't been on a date in ten years," he jokes, but Bunchy is sincere and earnest and in the solution.

Bunchy: "You know they got a name for it? I'm a sexual anorexic."

The mood shifts, the temperature changes, and the employees start gathering -- the main guy, Terry's second-in-command, is named Potato Pie but I don't know if we learn that this week, he's an older black gentleman because this is a boxing gym -- and suddenly Daryll is there and Ray figures out who's on the wind.

Terry: "Just go easy on him Ray, he wants to make amends..."

Mickey makes his interest with some rape jokes at Bunchy's expense -- a motif, with old Mickey -- and Ray thinks about starting with violence.

Ray: "What are you doing here, Mick."
Mickey: "Me? Last time I saw you I was the one going to Hollywood. You set me up, motherfucker. Big shot. But now, look. It's great, all my boys are together, everyone's great..."
Ray: "Everybody? Bridget's dead, Terry's shaking like a fucking leaf, Bunchy can't stay sober more than a month. That's your legacy, Mick."
Mickey: "Okay, big shot. If Claudette won't take me back, I want you to hook me up. Chita Rivera, Rita Moreno, Diahann Carroll. And hey, I took that priest out. It's possible there will be some Da Vinci Code type motherfuckers after me."

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