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The Solution


Bridget's still doing her family tree project; she sees him focus in on the sister.

Bridget: "So my aunt, my namesake. How did she die?"
Ray: "She was high on drugs. Jumped off a roof."
Bridget: "Well, that is just awful, Daddy. I am sorry to hear it."
Ray: "I miss her, she was really funny. She could make Bunchy piss his pants..."

His voice goes quiet, and safe, enough that she lets go and starts to cry. It's for Bridget, but for Bridget too: When your teenage daughter gets around this age it's time to make sure she's not carrying everybody else's burdens. Brokenness, lies, are like a dog whistle that teenage girls are exceptional at hearing. She is in the solution but she doesn't know it.

Abby: "I'm hiring a realtor."
Ray: "Because of that girl? Whatever, I knew her when she was a kid. Does it honestly surprise you that sometimes the women I protect get confused about our relationship?"
Abby: "And yet."
Ray: "Look, she's not important. But you know what is? What I'm about to tell you, which is the central thing we have to focus on right now as a family. You cannot let Mickey Donovan near us. He is going to come through you because women are the key to him, and they know it. You must not let him. Our family, our lives, will end."
Abby: "But..."
Ray: "Whatever you think happened back then, it was ten times worse. You cannot let the wolf in the gate. Has he reached out to you?"
Abby: "You're sick, Ray. You got a hole in your heart."

Not untrue. But the truth behind that is, you spent this entire episode trying to get your husband to need something from you, or to give you something, which is the same thing. And now that he has asked in no uncertain terms for something -- while saying without saying it every reason you need to know, for why -- you are going to shit it up. You are going to say this is because you know better, or because he deserves to be happier, that we are in the solution, but that's nothing like the truth: This is a power play.

And the reason for that is, the wolf is already in the gate. She's been holding onto this little secret for years now, her friendship with Mickey Donovan. She's been like Gollum with his Precious, just loving that she got to know Ray's dad when even Ray doesn't know his dad. The devil's daughter, in collusion with dark magic older than time.

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