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The Solution

Abby: "That is insane!"
Ray: "I know."

They laugh about it, the insanity, but it's nice to see the places they connect.


Lee: "You guys want a bellini?"
Abby: "How classy! Let's talk about it."

Lee: "Did you really tell Stu Feldman's girl he's spying on her? Do you not understand that's the opposite of your job?"
Ray: "But she had a real live stalker! It was not my call!"
Lee: "Your only moral responsibility is to do your fucking job..."

Ezra's down in his white suit, wandering in the surf. It is so very sad for Ray to watch this happen, as Lee goes down to try and get his attention, get him back up to the house. It's very sad, period. Ray notices Tommy Wheeler impressing the hell out of Conor in the pool. It's only scary because Ray is scared, about several things; there's no need to connect Tommy's problems to the molestation stuff.

Here's a handy rule of thumb: Homosexual men are into men, heterosexual men are into women, pedophiles are into neither. There are all kinds of problems in the world, but you'll find they're usually symptoms and not causes: Whichever way Tommy's toothpaste is coming out the wrong end of the tube, it's not about kids. That's just Ray being gross.

Abby: "I'm Abby Donovan!"
Stu: "Great to meet you!"
Abby: "I am going to talk to you now about Marlborough. You'll come to find it's all I ever, ever talk about."

Tommy: "Hey, Ray!"
Ray: "Tommy, go back to rehab. Conor, get the fuck out of that pool with Tommy."
Everybody: "Why?"
Ray: "Obscurely enough, because my sister committed suicide. Just do it."

Abby: "That's my daughter Bridget! She's beautiful, smart as hell, and very funny."
Stu: "She is all those things. That's why it's such a shame."
Abby: "What is a shame?"
Stu: "That I'm blacklisting her from every LA prep school."
Abby: "That is not how I saw this conversation going!"
Stu: "I am under the impression that your husband fucked my girlfriend."
Abby: "Oh. Right. Me too, I think. But go fuck yourself anyways."

There's something sprightly and menacing about his nastiness. He's just so awfully watchable. Ray sees this go down and then literally chases Stu through the house, eventually snapping his wrist in the corner pocket of a pool table. I would assume they don't stay terribly long after this moment.

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