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The Solution

He pours a drink and then the framed Marilyn Monroe picture on the wall starts talking to him, and it's kind of mortifying because now somebody has said this thing -- which honestly needed to be said zero times -- about a hundred times: "Fuck me, Ray. Save me, Ray!" I mean, deal with that. Marilyn Monroe and lost dolls. Ray is in the solution but it's going to take his entire life and probably never get done: Quick druggie-drunk bit of a priest doing Mass, and then a girl jumping off a roof.

There was a sister, long ago, but she's not with us anymore. She jumped. So maybe it's not so much that Bunchy got molested -- and this ruined his life and you can see it all over him and sexual assault is a stigma that never goes away and whatever other shitty implication -- and more that at least two of them did, and not all of them survived. Which makes Bunchy not just the family's donkey, but their pack mule as well.

What does it do to Ray, though? There's not a great way to connect those dots. If your childhood is defined by exploitation (c.v. also Ashley), probably Los Angeles is not a great place to go to get healed. Do you go to the dungeon to find out how to make peace with your days in the dungeon? Are you in the solution, when every part of you and now your whole family continues soaking in it? Is this whole thing an elaborate exorcism? If he solves every problem for every lost and broken doll in LA, will Bunchy finally be okay? Who fixes the fixer? Does even just wanting this make him the sickest one of all?


When Ray gets home in the morning, Abby finds a way to be pissy even though she told him not to come home, and even when he answers her that he didn't ever sleep with Ashley, which is technically true. Conor's got a black eye, because he is a Donovan and violence is in his blood.

Abby: "Lee is having people over, including Stu Feldman. You can ask him about Marlborough."
Ray: "Oh my God, fine. Also, my father randomly made parole."
Abby: "Jesus, Ray. Is that why you're acting like such an asshole?"
Ray: "It's one reason. Another one is that you are a nag who says things like that. Thanks for your sympathy."

Abby: "Is she ... hung up on you? Did she try to make friends with me because of that?"
Ray: "No, it's because you're so fucking fun to be around. Oh, and I have a black brother named Daryll now. I think that's everything currently going on."

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