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The Solution

To Ray: "We've done bad things, Ray. I've asked you to fix things that should never have been fixed. Terrible things. I'm going to come clean on all of the things we've done. Ruth would want that."

This is the part where Ray figures out that Ezra Goodman is losing his shit. There are two clich├ęs that I hate when they're true, and they are always true: The first is that when a man has a son, his father's warranty runs out. And the second is that by this age, when your father's wife dies he loses his grip and becomes an old person instantly. Goes dotty. You've seen this a million times, we all have. It is bullshit, but it is a fact.

Before Ray can plum the damage and deal with this new problem of his life coming apart, though, Ezra's mistress shows up played by Tasha Yar from Star Trek. He screams and yells and it's ugly, but not hugely wrong of him. In fact it is a shanda that she would show up at the wife's funeral, he's not wrong. But it also is one that he loses his composure at this time. Abby snags her and drags her off.

Out in front, the cameras are all over a guy named Shawn on a motorcycle, when another man approaches Ray to bitch about how Mickey made parole, and that he better not be coming to LA. Cut to Mickey on a plane to LA, horribly winking at a breastfeeding mother to the point where she nearly dies of the horror.

The mistress explains to Ray that Ezra invited her, then threw her out, then called her to come back because he's lonely. And not only that addled behavior, but apparently the Yiddish is something new too. They laugh, but they both know what's coming. Ezra interrupts them with more Yiddish, tells her not to move the furniture around, and then bitches about Lee, who left but promised to come back and sit shiva tomorrow.

"You know what he sent out last year for Christmas? Fake hand grenades with a note that said We go to war for you."

Ray: "...My father's coming."
Ezra: "Fuck. Why?"
Ray: "Don't know."
Ezra: "No lie lives forever Raymond. It's time to pay the piper."
Ray: "Again with the disclosure argument."
Ezra, thoughtfully: "Oh! Why don't we kill him?"


Abby left the funeral to go to yoga, where she made a brand-new friend. Guess who?

Ray: "She can't drink, she's epileptic! Put that shit down!"
Abby: "Uh, how do you know each other?"

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